Thursday, January 28, 2010

35 weeks

Today we are 35 weeks and I have been smiling all day thinking about how I never imagined we would make it this far! We are so thankful that God has given our little Bruce the past 6 weeks inside me instead of in the NICU! I am hoping for a few more weeks, but won't complain at this point if we do go into labor.

I am officially off the Nifedipine and slowly increasing my activity. It feels great! I was able to go to Target with my mom on Tuesday night for the first time in 6 weeks and it was marvelous. I feel as though my body is a little atrophied after all the sitting I have been doing, and am feeling muscles I haven't felt in a while after this increase in activity. I was able to go to MOPS today and it was so refreshing to see my friends and be able to visit and be encouraged! I won't see my doctor until next week and then am hoping to return to work after that. I am sure I won't be working more than 8 hour shifts and probably some 4 hour shifts, but that is ok.

I am so curious to see how long we will make it now! Each day is a gift and I am praising the Lord for that. I did manage to catch a cold from the boys and am feeling pretty rotten. My head is congested, nose constantly running, and I can feel it moving into my chest. I just pray I am able to kick this before I go into labor. I am already nervous about having to endure labor in my weakened condition and certainly don't need a cold to top it off. My lovely husband keeps reminding me that whether I think I am ready or not, the baby will eventually come out! I am not sure if that is comforting or more disturbing! I am hoping to deliver naturally again and have started psyching myself up for that.

The boys are getting as antsy as us wanting to meet this little bugger. I am so excited to see their faces when they get to meet their baby sister or brother for the first time. I have a few more things to do around here while we wait. It seems like it has taken forever to get this far and now I am sure the days will fly by! I am mostly excited to kiss the little cheeks of this trouble maker and love him or her up!

Even though I am getting just a little uncomfortable, I am sure going to miss feeling that little one moving around in there and the hiccoughs. I almost forgot what it was like to not be pregnant...weird. I am in the rare category of women who love being pregnant, even though I feel so miserable. It is such a miracle and still baffles me to think about it!

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Cindy and company said...

Praising the Lord today for his grace, mercy and sovereignty! Wonderful to see you still pregnant. I can't say that I am in the same club as you. I absolutely, completely, and totally, dislike being pregnant. Praying for your health.