Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls Only Road Trip To Montana

(Wow this is only a month late....but here it is nonetheless)

Back in March I had the pleasure of traveling to Montana with my mom for a friend from childhood's wedding. We also met up with  my sister who was there on a mini vacation. 

Here is our trip in pictures...

We left on a Thursday night and drove as far as Bismarck and got up the next day and traveled the rest of the way Friday.  Olivia wasn't a huge fan of riding in the car Thursday night, but Friday she did fantastic!

Here she is all smiles about our long drive. 

My fabulous mom drove the whole way and I entertained Liv.

It was pretty exciting to watch the landscape change the closer we got to Montana. 

Love this one of Liv right outside of Bozeman.

We got to Bozeman that night just a bit before Nikki and Tom.  We were able to check into the hotel and then we all went and ate at a fun restaurant called The Garage.

 The ladies outnumbered the boys for once!

Nikki and Miss Liv

Poor Tom, was a great sport about chilling with us girls. 

The next day Tom went skiing and Mom, Nikki, Liv and I enjoyed an amazing day hanging out together.  The wedding was that evening so we had the day to explore Bozeman. 

We ate breakfast at a delicious little cafe...

Nikki and Liv waiting for our food.

Next on our agenda was a bit of shopping...shocker I know!

Liv and Nikki walking to the next store.

After a few stores we headed over to where Nikki and Tom lived to take some pictures of the lake right outside their old apartment...

Isn't it beautiful?

Nikki was having a hard time remembering why she left this view?

Liv told her she would be sad living so far away from us and she felt better.

After our mini photo session we headed downtown to shop some more, walk around and grab some lunch.  It was beautiful out and it was so nice to enjoy the sunshine and be outside without a jacket!

Here is Liv and I at a local pizza place that was delicious as well!

Nikki and Mom enjoying our girl time.

There were canoes on the ceiling...the boys would have loved it!

Nikki and Liv doing some serious shopping!

After our afternoon of enjoying Bozeman we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Then we drove to Livingston (about 20 minutes away) for the wedding.

Liv was pooped from our ladies only day and I fed her and put her in her carseat but was afraid she would spit up on her party dress so I used her burp rag for a bib.

(LOVE these Aiden and Anais burp rags that actually have a snap and can double as a bib! They are contoured for your shoulder or their necks.  Of course I found them at Adley Anne's downtown)

The wedding was beautiful and I was a bit sad Richard wasn't there to enjoy it with me.

The decorations were perfect and adorable.

I was thankful we didn't bring the boys 'cause it was pretty classy and Olivia was one of the only 4 kids there (one was the flower girl).

Saw this cute wine glass and Bride wine. 

Livingston was adorable and this was the view from the reception.

Here is the beautiful bride and her dad.

Here is the ceremony....officiated by her baby brother and was short and sweet!

Mrs. Dredge

Me and my little lady

That polka dot dress was one that I bought shortly after finding out she was a girl this summer.  I watched the Gap sales rack like a hawk and scored it for $7! I was hoping she could have worn it to a wedding Richard was in over New Years, however her RSV kept us from going. 

Since she is such a peanut she could still wear it for this wedding. 

I Love this one of my beautiful mom and daughter

Beautiful Aunt Nikki snuggling with Liv

The food was was all appetizers and amazingly delicious. 

Here is a "mashtini" I believe...some sort of squash with ribs.

Nikki and I made sure we tried all of them and we may have stalked the lady with the buffalo nachos.

There was a photo booth and we had a great time taking pictures together.

Liv modeling one of the photo props.

Me and the beautiful bride!

Here is one of Mandy and Liv that I love. 

The wedding was a blast, but we had to sneak out early to get back to bed since we were driving ALL the way back the next day. 

Liv getting all psyched up to be in the car ALL day.

The trip home went incredibly well!

Once we got going we joked about how many stops we would have to make and if you told me we would have only stopped twice I would have laughed at you. 

Olivia made it a few hours, we stopped and ate some lunch, Liv had a MAJOR blowout in the gas station requiring a wardrobe change and then we got going again. 

When we were back on the road we saw a sign saying how far it was to Bismarck and joked about making it there before stopping next. 

Olivia passed out and slept for 3 hours and then was happy in her carseat for a bit longer so we did make it to Bismarck!

Goodbye Montana...

Hello North Dakota

We stopped in Bismarck for a quick bite at Wendy's where we had possibly the worst service ever, gassed up the car and were on the road. 

Thanks to daylight savings we lost an hour and Olivia was ready for bed so she fell asleep after we left and made it all the way home!

I am so thankful my mom was able to go and was willing to drive!

I know I wouldn't have been able to go without her. 

It was so fun and we decided we needed to plan another girls weekend for this summer.

I was also thankful for my loving husband who stayed behind and manned the troops so I could go. 

Logistically, taking 4 small children in the car, driving 12 hours one way for a short weekend didn't seem like a good time to either of us. 

They had a blast with their daddy and probably didn't even notice I was gone. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When the Help is TOO Helpful...

Life with 4 kids is no walk in the park...while my heart is full from these blessings so are my hands.

The big boys are great about helping out around the house and temporarily with the little 2.

However, this has it's drawbacks. 

It's rare that I don't shower before Richard leaves for work in the morning. 

One because I feel I get more accomplished after I shower and two it just isn't safe!

One morning Olivia had slept later than usual and woke up starving so I didn't get to shower until later.

Elijah offered to "babysit" Olivia while I showered.

So I strapped her into her bouncy chair and speed showered.

I left the door open so I could hear and was a bit worried when I got done and heard peaceful children!

I came out to see this...

Elijah decided Olivia was hungry and Isaac brought him an empty bottle while Elijah got her out of her seat (eeeek!).  Since there was no breastmilk in the fridge, Isaac grabbed my pumping tubing and was "pumping" for Olivia!

(Which isn't the first time Isaac has pumped for her)
This is from awhile ago and sorry it's sideways....

Poor Olivia was a bit frustrated with the empty bottle, but fortunately everyone was ok. 

Today Elijah was playing by Olivia while she was "safely" swinging by him.  I went to lay Isaac down for a nap and heard her giggling while I was singing him a song.  

When I came out she was giggling still, but Elijah was pushing her so hard the legs of the swing were lifting off the ground a bit! 

If she survives childhood with her 3 big brothers, she will be one tough cookie!

Isaac has become extremely independent as a result of wanting to be just like his big brothers and not wanting to wait for me to finish what I am doing & help him when he needs it.

Here are a few pictures and captions of his helpful independence...

As a result he has learned to ride his big brothers' scooter & helps himself to this & takes off to the other end of the block.

Here he is looking so guilty...

because he can apparently open his own pop can and helped himself to a Sprite the other day.

I was trying to take Olivia's picture and she kept tipping over so Isaac offered to "help" me...

While I thought that meant he hold her up for a picture.. 

he meant he would help me tip her over...
and he did just that after I quickly snapped the above pic.

Isaac also loves chocolate milk and has been bringing me the supplies for it when he would like some and I am busy somewhere else in the house.

He will bring me a cup, the chocolate syrup, and the gallon of milk. 

Last week when he asked for some and I said no he said okay mom and disappeared upstairs. 

Well, I found him making his own chocolate milk....

When I found him like this he had already added the chocolate syrup and was pouring the milk.

He was so stinking proud I didn't have the heart to take it away!

Oh, I am going to miss this too someday....when everyone can do everything for themselves....that happens right?  

I am sure there will be a new kind of crazy as the boys and Liv get older.

Until then I am trying to "embrace the craziness" each day!