Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Celebration ALL Day Long

Isaac turned 2 February 24th and we celebrated ALL day long!

So much in fact that I haven't had time to finish this post about all the fun we had on his birthday until now.  Better late than never right?

The boys had the day off from school and I thought it would be fun to head to Fargo for the day.

My good friend Mollie joined us and we had a blast!

We had never been to Yunker's Farm (a children's museum) before and I had been wanting to try it out so we went there first.

We spent a few hours at the museum and could have been there much longer...

Jonah working on the United States puzzle...

Elijah checking out the bee farm

Elijah milking the pretend cow

Isaac LOVED the shopping carts and food to put in them.

Isaac sitting in the saddle pretending to ride the horse

Mollie and Miss Liv

The boys in the bee hive

Elijah modeling the bee costume

Mollie and Isaac "shopping"

An attempt at a picture of all my kiddos...not too shabby.

This next "station" kept the big boys entertained for the remainder of our time there.

Isaac enjoyed it too, but Mollie, Isaac, Liv and I checked out the rest of the exhibits while the big boys were intrigued by this...

The music room was fun.

Isaac LOVES trains and they had a big table which he found quite exciting.

This little room was for small children and Isaac scared away the only other 2 kids at the museum when he came running into it.  They didn't believe me that he was only 2.

An attempt at a picture of me and the kids...Isaac was so excited and distracted the whole time we were there it was hard to get him to look at the camera long enough...

Then we met my sister Laura for lunch at Noodles and Company! 

It was pretty busy and Isaac did a great job considering all excitement of the day so far.

Noodles and Company with Auntie Laura....Yummy!!!

We split the Wisconsin Mac N Cheese.

After lunch we headed to Toys R Us and looked around for awhile.

Isaac was fascinated with the power wheels cars and kept climbing in them.

After wandering around the store for awhile, we decided we better make one more stop before heading home.

Tutti Frutti.

It is a frozen yogurt shop where you get your own yogurt and toppings and pay by the ounce.

Isaac and I "shared" well mostly Isaac ate it and let me have a few bites.

Birthday Boy enjoying his yogurt

Jonah and Elijah sharing their dessert at their own table.

Me and my 2 year old!

Mollie and Miss Liv

Fargo was so much fun and I know I couldn't have done it without Mollie.

It was sure nice to be able to visit with her and have her help corralling my crew.

The trip home was uneventful and Isaac and Olivia took a nice nap.

This was crucial as we were going to be having a birthday party at my parents house that night and I was afraid he would be pretty grumpy.

We headed home, grabbed the presents and supplies for the party and headed over to my parents.

Here are a few pre-party photos of the ladies...

Auntie Nikki and Liv

Me, Liv, Nikki and my Mom

My amazing mom bought some fun Thomas the Train birthday supplies and had the house decorated when we got there.

She even had train tracks set up on the table

I did have a minor birthday cupcake decorating problem, but tried not to stress about it too much.

I had planned on just frosting some cupcakes and placing them in the shape of the a 2 and not doing anything too extravagant, but then a coworker of mine told me I better do something more exciting than that because he is a "middle" child and will develop a complex if I don't.

Especially since I will probably fuss over Olivia's bday as she is the only girl and it will simply be fun to do girlie things and since she is the baby she will get extra attention. 

Thanks Laura W.

So I found a sweet Thomas the Train cake with cupcakes in the shape of a 2 that didn't seem too difficult.

However, after a few trips to the store and not having the right supplies to frost the cupcakes we headed over to my parents and I figured I would just wing it.

My mom had some genius frosting that is in a can and makes the life of a mother of 4 who is trying to make her 3rd son's 2nd birthday special way easier.

So here is my makeshift cake...

The good news is Isaac thought it was GREAT!

Here are a few pics of us singing happy birthday to him...

Here he is blowing out the candles...

He was so excited when we sang happy birthday to him that we sang it about 5 times....

He just kept saying again after each time and it was too adorable to resist.

Here are the birthday buddies.

We love you too Mom! Thanks for sharing your day with Isaac!

Uncle Tom snuggling with Liv....
doesn't he look good with a baby in his arms? wink, wink....the boys have been asking for another sister and I told them to start asking Tom and Nikki for a cousin instead ;0)

Then it was present time

Isaac was so excited he was shaking when he opened his presents....

My mom wanted a picture with all the grandkids so we attempted.

(I included the next three because it was quite humorous)

Here is the first one where everyone is pretty happy...

Then Elijah dropped his candy and it shattered on the floor...

We reassured him we would get him another one, so he stopped crying but continued to pout for the final photo...

Overall it was a wonderful day and we all had so much fun celebrating Isaac and my Mom!

Still can't believe he is 2!

Happy Birthday Isaac Robert!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Risque Wednesday

Wednesday's are exciting in our house.

Wednesday is garbage day and that means the garbage truck comes by.

The boys used to be super excited, but not as excited as Isaac.

Isaac gets so excited he starts shaking.

It is habit to announce that the garbage truck is coming when I hear it.

No matter where he is in the house, he will stop what he is doing and run to the front window squealing with excitement as the garbage truck goes by.

He will also apparently climb out of the tub, run to the window dripping wet, and wait for the garbage truck sans clothes!

He was taking a bath this morning and before thinking about the consequences...I announced the approaching garbage truck.  I was a little nervous when I peeked into the bathroom to see if he was disappointed about missing it and saw the tub sans Isaac.

I had to take a quick picture of it and stifle giggles.

Then I quickly grabbed clothes and dressed him before the truck came back down our side of the street.

Hope your Wednesday has been as entertaining as ours!

Monday, March 19, 2012

4 Months Old!!!

Our little lady is 4 Months Old!

Well actually she is almost 5 months old...but I haven't had time to post this yet so here it is.

Elijah has been calling her Miss Liv and the other boys are following.

She is still such a great baby and is happy 99.9% of the time!

She is still a peanut and I am enjoying having a baby that feels like a baby.

At her 4 month appointment she was 14 lbs and 26 inches.

Isaac's baby book was handy so I peeked to see how big he was and noticed that he was bigger than that at 2 months! Yikes! No wonder she seems so small to me!

(She is so tolerant of the glitter, girlie things and allowing me to play dress up with fun gifts from friends this adorable tutu...thanks Missy!)

She is very smiley and I LOVE watching her reaction when she sees her brothers come home from school, see her in the morning, or when her daddy comes home!

Her eyes are changing and are a hazel/brownish color...thinking they will be brown.

Her hair has a hint of red in the sun.

She is ironically our baldest child with just a bit of hair all over.

Don't worry, I have plenty of headbands to help make her feel ok with her lack of hair!

She LOVES to suck/gum her hands.

She enjoys her pacifier, but often enjoys her hands more.

She has rolled over, but prefers her tummy so she can see what is going on so she often stays that way.

She is still sleeping well and most nights will be happy being reswaddled or given her pacifier to go back to sleep.

She is still very tolerant of the fact that she is the 4th child and is pretty flexible with her sleep schedule during the day.

Miss Liv,

You are so sweet and we can't believe you are already 4 months old!  Your big brothers are so excited for you to become mobile...or so they think.  They adore you and I am having a hard time feeling that it is safe for you to be put down as one of them often picks you up and tries to carry you around!

They love you so much and I love that they can make you giggle.

You Daddy is quite smitten as well.  You are still sleeping in our room even!  Things don't feel too different yet, but I am so excited to see your girlie personality develop. 

You rarely are grumpy and if you are it sure doesn't last long.  You are all smiles from the moment you wake up to the moment you drift off to sleep!

You are such a blessing for us! We love you so much!

Love your Momma