Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faster than

(This conversation took place between Jonah and Elijah last night...too adorable not to share)


I was driving the van to my parents house and Richard was climbing into his pickup.
Jonah and Elijah were sitting in the back row of the van and the conversation was between the two of them.

Elijah: Where is Dad going?

Jonah: He is going to Center Court to go running.

E: Why doesn't he just run there....he is fast enough.

J: Yeah, dad is like the fastest guy in the whole wide world! He should just run there.

E: Yeah.

J: (In a very serious tone) Only God and cheetah's are faster than Dad.

E: Yeah.

ADORABLE!  I didn't have the heart to burst their bubble and tell them that while Richard is a very fast runner, he isn't the fastest in the world.  Plus, there are probably a few people besides God and cheetah's who can run faster.  I figured it wouldn't hurt for them to think this.  Kids say the darnedest things.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh what fun, Isaac is ONE!!!!!!

Oh what fun,
Isaac Robert, today you are one!

I can't believe it was just a year ago today 
when you finally arrived safely.

Premature labor at 29 weeks sent mom to the couch
to keep you growing until God was ready for you to come out.

Everyday we prayed and wondered how long it would be
before we could meet you and kiss your sweet cheeks.

February 24th was the day (He knew all along)
 when you would be born so healthy and strong.

 Only 3 hours of labor and a few pushes was all that it took
At 12:26pm you were born & you stole our hearts with one look.

21.5 inches long & 8 lbs 10.6 oz 
Red hair, blue eyes, long feet and long fingers
So perfect and distinctly resembling your brothers.

Your sweet demeanor is contagious as well as your smile.
I pray these stay with you for quite a long while.

You are growing so quickly and changing each day.
All day you are moving in one way or another
From rolling to crawling then standing all over 
Next walking at 10 months and now you are almost a runner!

You love to read books, chase a ball or play cars,
drag around a sword, wrestle with daddy or follow your brothers.

You also love to "help" mommy vacuum, sweep or do dishes
you scream if you can't see what someone's making for dinner.

You dance, "sing" songs, & speak your own language.
Wheels on the bus, Old Mac Donald, and superhero theme songs are your favorite.

You'll eat cereal, meat, yogurt, cheese & crackers,
most veggies and fruit (especially mandarin oranges) you find yummy.
You love to put beans, noodles, and popcorn in your tummy.

You sleep all night long with the help of your blankie.
And it's often a guarantee you will wake up from a nap and be snugglie.

You adore your big brothers and try so hard to keep up.
My heart melts when you're all together and they let you join in.
I pray you will become close as the years fly by
and I will be watching with tears in my eye.

 Isaac we love you and thank God for blessing us so
You have helped fill our home with love and laughter as we've watched you grow.

Stay sweet my dear Son, & keep those hugs and kisses coming.

Happy First Birthday Isaac!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hanging with GGP

Yesterday we were able to spend the day in with my family visiting my Grandpa in the hospital.

The boys adore him and it was so fun to see him, despite the circumstances.

He is looking good and was in good spirits.

We were able to just relax and listen to some great stories from his days as a police officer and highway patrolman!  Everyone was laughing and smiling and it was wonderful.

We also were able to see my cousin and Uncle from Colorado who we don't see very often at all. 

Such a wonderful surprise!

Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming.  He will have a defibrillator put in tomorrow.

We pray you continue to heal and rest GGP.  
We are praying for a smooth surgery and quick recovery tomorrow!
We love you so much and look forward to seeing you again soon.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Who else is protected by superheroes night and day?

We were planning on having a Batman birthday party today for Isaac but my Grandpa is in the hospital after a heart attack. He is stable for now, but we would covet your prayers. 

Praise the Lord for getting him safely to the hospital and that he is stable now. 
We are hoping to go spend the day with him tomorrow.

My boys were all dressed for the party and I just couldn't resist a photo opp...

 Who knows what kind of conversation these two are having? 

Isaac has been feeling pretty special with all the extra attention from his brothers all day. 
Singing the Batman theme to him and calling him Birthday Boy.
(Since his birthday isn't until Thursday, I have a feeling this will be the theme of the week)

It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to celebrate this young man's 1st Birthday.
Who had an OUTSTANDING report at parent-teacher conferences this past week. 
We are so proud of you Jonah! Keep up the great work! 
His teacher said her favorite thing about Jonah is his love and excitement for learning. 

We will keep praying for my Grandfather or GGP (Great GrandPa as the boys refer to him as) and would appreciate yours as well! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Who needs a Puppy?

Who needs a puppy?

When you have a baby brother to clean up your "popcorn trail"?

**Elijah was keeping an eye on Isaac for me while I was curling my hair. Isaac was fussing outside the door and i heard Elijah entice him with something. When everything was quiet I became a little nervous. When I came out of the bathroom to make sure everyone was alive and well, I saw Elijah leaving a popcorn trail for Isaac to follow**

Dreaming of Spring

This week we had a heat wave!

It was 40 degrees almost everyday with sunshine.

It was AMAZING.  The boys and I took advantage of it and got outside almost every day and went for a walk around the block.  Well I walked and pushed Isaac, Jonah rode his bike and Elijah rode his trike. 

The snow was melting leaving excellent puddles to drive through, splash in and get wet & dirty.

It was so refreshing to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

The boys played outside for quite awhile too and I had a good laugh when I looked out and saw this...

Funny how 40 degrees can feel so warm but sound so cold still. 

Isaac enjoyed being outside too. 

He hasn't had very much time outside this winter because it has just been too cold. 

Today we had a high of 10 degrees with a whipping wind that chilled you to the bone. 

We are back inside, but dreaming about Spring coming soon. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Week

 In one week we will be celebrating our third son's birthday.

I have become overwhelmed with emotion thinking about this day sneaking up on me. 

God is so good. 

What a year it has been adjusting to 3 boys!

Filled with lots of love, noise, and energy.

I do feel like it was just yesterday that we were getting to know our littlest man...

bringing him home....

and then I blinked and now I have a toddler...

who will be 1 in one week!

I am not ready for this, but have learned that I have no control over this.

They grow up no matter how hard I try to keep them little. 

I think if Isaac could talk, he would tell you that he is ready. 

He has been trying to keep up with his big brothers for quite some time now, but since he was just "zero" he has been unable to do many things with them. 

They are excited for him to be "done being zero" and finally be a number!

In honor of months of being referred to as "Bruce" in utero as we waited to meet this little man...
we are going to celebrate his first birthday Batman style.

It will be fun and I am looking forward to the party, but not to my baby becoming a little older.

So I better get going because "Holy Birthday Party Planning Batman", I have lots to do!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fond Memories In February

I have a small addiction.

Well, maybe not so small. 

 I take a lot of pictures of my boys. (15, 000 + on our computer since Jonah was little)

I try to capture everyday moments as well as posed ones.

Despite the craziness of this time in our lives, I know someday I will miss it.  

Then I can look back at all these pictures and remember when...

 Richard got his guitar out and the boys were "helping" him play it.

This little man needs a haircut soooo bad, but I am really having a hard time taking making the time.

Isaac has been getting into a little trouble when he is supposed to be napping...

Isaac tried his 1st chocolate chip cookie while I was gone.
I am pretty sure he ate every last bite, leaving only a few crumbs behind!

Speaking of things happening when I am at work...
I woke up to this a few weekends ago on Isaac's arm!

Jonah has been doing a great job reading and has started wanting to read on his own and to his little brothers.  I am enjoying his desire as well as watching them together. 

Elijah has made some impressive creations with blocks recently...this is an airplane.

Richard and the big boys watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy recently.
The boys LOVED it and really got into it. 
Now they have been pretending to be Frodo and here they are in an "invisible cloak" which I got into trouble for seeing them in :0)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Handsome Devil

My friend Monica took Isaac's 10 month pictures

They are ADORABLE!!!

Isaac was grumpy & uncooperative, but they still turned out great, here are a few of my favorites...

Love this one

Sweet boy in a sweet hat

Don't you just want to kiss him?

Another favorite.

It was quite tricky to get ALL 3 boys to cooperate, but these are sure fun...

Brotherly Love


So grown up already

Innocent? Not so much.

We love you Handsome Devil!  Can't believe you are going to be 1 in a few weeks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slowly But Surely

Slowly but surely these two boys are becoming friends.

I am amazed at how quickly Elijah has grown to love his little brother. 

Elijah will often help me with Isaac during the day, comfort him when he is upset, offer to watch him while I do some chores, or just allow him to play with him.

It makes my heart smile and makes me curious for what God has in store for them in the future. 

They will have one more year home together before Elijah starts school.
I have a feeling that Isaac will become Elijah's sidekick over the next year.

When Jonah gets home from school it is sure fun to see Isaac and Elijah's face light up!
The moments where I can hear them all playing are precious and I know I will miss that someday.

Not sure I will miss the fighting, whining, complaining, or crying, but I know I will miss the sweet sound of 3 brothers getting along!