Monday, February 7, 2011

Fond Memories In February

I have a small addiction.

Well, maybe not so small. 

 I take a lot of pictures of my boys. (15, 000 + on our computer since Jonah was little)

I try to capture everyday moments as well as posed ones.

Despite the craziness of this time in our lives, I know someday I will miss it.  

Then I can look back at all these pictures and remember when...

 Richard got his guitar out and the boys were "helping" him play it.

This little man needs a haircut soooo bad, but I am really having a hard time taking making the time.

Isaac has been getting into a little trouble when he is supposed to be napping...

Isaac tried his 1st chocolate chip cookie while I was gone.
I am pretty sure he ate every last bite, leaving only a few crumbs behind!

Speaking of things happening when I am at work...
I woke up to this a few weekends ago on Isaac's arm!

Jonah has been doing a great job reading and has started wanting to read on his own and to his little brothers.  I am enjoying his desire as well as watching them together. 

Elijah has made some impressive creations with blocks recently...this is an airplane.

Richard and the big boys watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy recently.
The boys LOVED it and really got into it. 
Now they have been pretending to be Frodo and here they are in an "invisible cloak" which I got into trouble for seeing them in :0)

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Irene said...

Loved it! I know I've said it before, but....these boys are TOO cute!