Wednesday, September 30, 2009

18 weeks and a Halloween preview

We are 18 weeks! I can hardly believe it, this pregnancy is flying by. I am so excited to have our ultrasound in a few weeks and see the little peanut. I am also anxious for the boys to be able to feel the little one moving. They have been patiently waiting for that!
Jonah and Elijah decided to be transformers for Halloween. We were trying on the costumes to see if they fit.
Aren't they cute?

Thank you for your prayers, my sister Nikki was sent home from the hospital yesterday and she is doing very well! She feels great and has been tolerating her new "soft diet" and my mom is out in Montana making sure she doesn't over do it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Being boys

Two boys I absolutely adore...
playing outside
all day on the first "cool" fall day.
Acclimating our new play-set to a life with boys
given to us so graciously by friends.
Fabulous fresh air
exploring new things
showing off new "tricks" for mom
lots of giggles, laughs, and
just being boys!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I Love Fall! I am going to decorate a little around the house today...

These are the beautiful flowers Richard planted and my roses!

The boys made these for me at MOPS last week! It was exactly what I needed during a VERY stressful week!

We had a wonderful time in Minneapolis this past weekend with my mom and sister Laura. It was so much fun to watch her run! She did an amazing job running her 6K! We were able to do a little swimming, shopping, and even some much needed relaxing!

Nikki has her NG tube out too! Last update I received, she was tolerating her gourmet clear liquid diet. Please keep praying for healing and that her body will tolerate food and she will be able to get out of there!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surgery today

Update: Nikki is out of surgery and doing well. The surgeon found two areas of her small bowel that had banded together. Once he fixed this he was able to see air pass through below the area seen on CT scan where no air had been seen below. He said he felt good about the surgery. They also placed a smaller NG tube in her nose which she said feels more comfortable. I got to talk to her for a few minutes and it was so nice to hear her voice! She was in some pain still but using her morphine pump! Thanks for the prayers and we'll keep you posted!

Sorry for the lack of updates on my sister, but I was waiting until we knew more. She had a CT scan this am that showed absolutely NO improvement over the past week of being NPO, having an NG and IV fluids. The surgeon (Dr. P) is still not convinced that surgery is the best option, but considering the fact that nothing has changed my sister is willing to take that risk.

Because she has had no improvement, they are wondering if she has some adhesions rather than an just an ileus. The adhesions could have been from when she was sick before her very 1st surgery and her abdominal contents were so swollen and everything was irritated. The surgeon is leery to do surgery because it is so soon since her last surgery and he is not sure what the adhesions will look like after. This could be a risky surgery or a "quick fix."

Nikki has been such a trooper and has an amazingly positive attitude throughout this all! She is however, starting to feel very uncomfortable from having the NG in for a whole week! Her ears, nose, and throat are very sore and irritated. They are going to switch the NG to her other nare so that should help with a little pain and hopefully she won't even need it that much longer!

They are unable to do this surgery laproscopically because of the location, so she is going to be cut open in the same spot as before. Dr. P (the original surgeon and wonderful physician who has been Nikki's advocate this whole time) is going to perform the surgery.

My dad is still out there with Nikki and my mom is hoping to head out there next week and relieve my dad. We are fortunate to have had a family member with her all the time to care for her and be an advocate so her husband can continue working during the day!

Please pray for her safety during surgery, and for the surgeons. Pray the Lord will guide their hands and decisions and that this will "heal" her finally. Please pray for safety over her body as she heals from another surgery so quickly after the first one. She does still have her PICC line so she can receive IV fluids and medications through it.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! We know God is in control and we are thankful for that!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Impatiently waiting

Impatiently waiting. That is what we are doing. I just wanted to update quickly on my sister and thank so many of you for your prayers, emails, phone calls, and support! It has been so hard being so far away from her and I am overwhelmed by this feeling of helplessness!

Nikki remains in the hospital. She still has her nasogastric (NG) tube in her nose that is draining her stomach. She is still not eating anything and we are still just waiting for her ileus to resolve. She did however, get a PICC line placed yesterday so she is able to receive some much needed total parental nutrition (TPN) and lipids (fats) through her PICC. (TPN is a fancy word for IV fluids with essential electrolytes, amino acids, and other goodness needed when your body is not eating and you are depleting resources.

She is still having bouts of nausea and her NG tube is being difficult at times. One of the most frustrating things for me has been hearing about the poor care she is receiving from the nursing staff. It isn't every one of course, but those bad eggs sure spoil the lot! Fortunately, her mother-in-law and husband have been amazing advocates for her care and are keeping everyone in line since Nikki feels so awful!

We are also very fortunate that one of her physicians, Dr. P (surgeon who performed her 1st surgery) has been with her throughout this all and is doing an excellent job advocating for her care as well! It is unfortunate that things are so slow, but we are confident this is the best plan for her. Dr. P has reassured us that this is a very SLOW process (waiting for her bowel to "wake up") but he feels this is the best option for Nikki. Surgery right now just isn't ideal and it will only slow the process even more, if not make things worse. Especially since they think that might have caused this ileus!

My dad is driving out there right now and is going to relieve Nikki's mother-in-law of her role on the front line! I am just so thankful that Nikki has such wonderful in-laws who are caring for her as she is their own daughter. What a blessing! I know that has made it more bearable for us who are in Grand Forks.

This picture is hanging in my kitchen. How often do I allow life to pull me in every direction and forget the bigger picture?

Thanks again for the prayers and please keep 'em coming! I will do my best to update as I can. We are also confident that God is in control and He has a plan. What more can you ask for?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prayer for my sister

Update #2: (Friday) My sister had a CT scan today and they think she now has a blockage! AHHHHH! This is what they originally were expecting to find when she had surgery the first time. She has been miserable again today and throwing up. It has been so frustrating being so far away and not able to be there for her or be there to ask questions. I am so thankful her mother-in-law is there to help advocate and that our own mother will be there tonight. Last I heard, the GI specialist was meeting with the surgeons to determine what the next step is and the surgeon does not feel comfortable operating now. He feels her CT scan looks the same as it did before (when they thought it was blockage and it was infection). The plan is to wait until tomorrow and the surgeon and GI specialist will meet with Nikki, her husband and my mom. Please continue to pray for her! Thank you for lifting her up. I am trying to be patient and reminded of how the Lord is all knowing all powerful and is in control!

Update: My sister was doing well throughout the day yesterday and ended up throwing up and feeling very nauseous last night so they had to place a nasogastric tube to drain her stomach. I have not been able to talk to her because she is too sick and now it hurts to talk with the tube in. I know last time she was in before surgery she said this was a very painful procedure for her and very uncomfortable. Her mother-in-law has been doing an excellent job advocating for Nikki and keeping the rest of us informed. My mother is headed out there today. Our other sister (Laura), has a cross country meet in Bozeman tomorrow and God's timing is so wonderful! My mom had already purchased a plane ticket to make a quick trip for the weekend to watch Laura run and now can see Nikki too!
(My sister and her hubby Tom)

Please pray for my sister Nikki! She is living in Montana with her husband. She had abdominal surgery about 3 weeks ago due to symptoms of cramping, pain, and abdominal distention prior to that. They were afraid they would find a blockage, but fortunately they did not find an obstruction but 3 areas of infection and some swollen lymph nodes. Many of you prayed for her after I posted this. Thank you!

They removed the lymph nodes and sent off tissue samples to try discover what was causing all her pain. The pathology reports came back normal and after reviewing her lab work they determined she had gastroenteritis (inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract) and possibly a viral infection. She was hospitalized for 4 days and has been struggling with similar symptoms since her surgery. She has had a hard time eating anything and has been back multiple times to see why she is not feeling better.

This past week she was back in the ER for the same symptoms that brought her in the first time. After many more tests, they determined she needed to see the GI specialist, who was unavailable until today. She was finally able to see that doctor today who has now diagnosed her with a paralytic ileus (basically her intestine is paralyzed and not allowing anything to pass through). As a result she has been having diarrhea and throwing up! She was readmitted today and is NPO (not allowed to eat), receiving IV fluids, and some medication for her pain. I am not sure about the plan of care after that.

Our mother was able to spend a week with her after she was released from the hospital the first time. Her mother-in-law so graciously headed out there yesterday and is caring for her so her husband can continue working. (He just started a new job a few weeks before her first surgery and has been missing quite a few days due to Nikki not feeling well).

Please pray for healing and that she will FINALLY be better after this admission. Also pray for their jobs. I am not sure how understanding or flexible they have been through all this. We (our family) is grateful that her mother-in-law is now able to be out there caring for her since we can not! We are also so thankful for her wonderful husband who has been doing an excellent job taking care of Nikki, working, and keeping the rest of us updated!

They do not know anyone else there yet so it has been very stressful dealing with this by themselves. Nikki has also been too weak to care for herself often.

Lord, we know you are the ultimate healer. I lift my sister up to you and ask you comfort her and wrap your arms around her! Please give her strength and allow her body to rest and heal as it needs too. Please give the medical team wisdom and guide their decisions Lord. I pray their jobs are gracious and understanding throughout all this! I pray too for this to strengthen their new marriage. Thank you Lord!

**On a lighter note, Jonah is convinced Nikki's tummy hurts because she must have a baby in there. I have explained to him multiple times that she does not have a baby in her tummy but is just sick. He responded by saying he figured she had a baby in there because she is always sick like me! He also said he was glad she isn't because "I would like to know if I have a cousin!" Elijah has been praying for Nikki to feel better so she can eat cookies and ice cream!**

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You say it best, when you say nothing at all

Love. This word is overused in society today. We say we love everything from a great chocolate cake, to the beautiful sun shining, to our adorable snotty nosed kiddo who needs a pick me up, to a great "sale" at the store, to inanimate objects, to those we hold dear to our heart (spouse, family, friends).

The word is spoken often in our house. It is very high on the list of words that come out of my mouth most frequently too. I know this word means different things to so many. The depth of its meaning is also understood differently by the one speaking it and the one receiving it. Even though I say it often, I still mean it every time.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I live my life always wondering if it may be the last time I say it each time I do. Or it is just how God made me.

Since becoming a wife and a mother, I believe I have an even deeper understanding of what love really is. Love is so much more than a warm fuzzy feeling that makes you feel like you might finally experience flight like the birds. True love is selfless, sacrificial and hard.

Even though I love hearing that four letter word. Sometimes it is even better when you say nothing at all and speak in other ways. Like saying I love you by cleaning the house for your spouse, making a delicious meal for a friend who is struggling, or giving a thoughtful gift to brighten someone's day. Or leaving love notes around the house when you hardly get to see your spouse due to our hectic schedule.

If you don't already know how my husband feels about giving me flowers you can read about it here. You will also discover how they bring such joy to my life.

Last night after a long day, and a late night at bible study, my wonderful husband went to the grocery store to get some necessary items because I was feeling sick. He even took Jonah. The two of them came home with the groceries and Jonah informed me that daddy had got me a surprise and he was going to put it on the table in the morning. I was so excited trying to think about what it might be (chocolate, oreo cookies, or something else).

Richard became upset with Jonah for "blowing his surprise" and then I realized it must be more than chocolate. He came in with a dozen beautiful red roses! That he picked up for no reason but to tell me he loves me. He was going to set them out in the morning for me to wake up to!

On a sidenote, recently I picked up a "special surprise" for Richard, chocolate covered cherries from a local chocolate store. This was something we gave each other in high school for a special treat. They are delicious and made daily. I also made the mistake of letting the boys in on my little surprise and even brought them with me to the store to get them. I explained they were a surprise and daddy would share with them after he opened them. The boys went crazy the rest of the afternoon waiting for daddy to get home.

I wrapped them up and placed them in a gift bag and wrote a note thanking him for being such a great hubby while I'll I have done for the last 12 week is puke and sleep. Richard has barley stepped in the door when Jonah yelled out that he had a special surprise on the table and Elijah followed suit by asking if he could have a "berry" when he opened his gift.

I guess they keep secrets as well as I do! So, I do know Richard was disappointed that Jonah ruined the surprise, but I found it just as exciting! It also means the world to me to hear my husband tell me he loves me. Sometimes he says it best, when he says nothing at all!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To find out or not to find out...

...That is the question! We did not find out the sex of our boys. With Jonah (our first) we both didn't want to know so that made the decision easy. With Elijah I wanted to know and Richard didn't so we had the ultrasound tech peek and we decided to let the baby decide for us. He was modest and not reveling himself, which made our decision easy again.

However, this time around I REALLY want to know! I am not sure what the urgency is and why I all of the sudden want to know with #3. Partially I think it will help me make this more of a reality. The fact that I have a child growing inside of me still seems surreal. Could it really be? I am trying to be positive and just enjoy each moment instead of dwelling on the what ifs that plague me daily. I know this is Satan attacking me and I have been in constant prayer for the Lord to protect my heart and help me look forward to that day in February or March when we finally get to hold this precious son or daughter.

I also want to know because I want to prepare. This is the first time we will have a "nursery" for the baby and a space of it's own. I am of course excited about this and want to be ready in all senses. The third part of this is that track season will have started and Richard will probably be coaching in some way and will be absent often. The realistic, practical planner that I am knows that it will be virtually impossible to get many of these things done with two toddlers and a new baby while sleep deprived and hormonal. (Sounds a little like suicide to me actually).

Fortunately, I have a wonderful family who has offered to help paint, get ready, etc AFTER the baby is born because THEY don't want to know either!

Do you see my dilemma?

Richard really doesn't want to know. I have proposed that we choose a name for the baby and start referring to he or she as that so that I won't have to worry about slipping if I do know. It has been natural to refer to this baby as a he since that is all I have known. So, we have chosen Bruce (this will not be the child's real name, but just to please his or her big brothers who would like to name their little brother Bruce Wayne Batman Dafoe). Catchy I know, but not one on our "list" of possibilities. So we are referring to the baby as a He and calling him Bruce or Brucie (just in case it is a girl).

The other thought I had was all I really want to have on hand is the bedding. I CAN paint after the fact and get everything else ready AFTER if I have to. So, I proposed to Richard that I will order the girl and boy bedding I have picked out and have both here. I can pick out paint swatches and plan the nursery (not that I don't already know how I would like it) and be ready for a makeover when the little one declares the final verdict at birth.

A few of my fabulous coworkers have offered to let me ship items to their home if I do need to keep it top secret. So I have a few more weeks to decide. October 14th will be here sooner than I think! Until then I will continue to ponder and ponder.

Many have asked if I have a guess of the sex. I thought Jonah was a girl. In fact I was sure he was. I was obviously wrong. I was so sure I had to look for myself when they laid him on my chest after they announced "It's a boy" and I saw Richard crying like a baby. I thought Elijah was a boy, only because everything seemed the same. This time there are so many differences (which could just be written off as a "different pregnancy") but I am even more curious about what lies between those little legs! My batting record is 1 for 2 so I guess I really don't know.

I think rather than declare which sex I would like, I would like to chose the child's personality. I pray for a laid-back easy going infant like Elijah. But, I also pray for a child who has more of a tendency to obey the rules like Jonah. God is probably laughing right now because He is the only one who truly knows my little "Brucie" and thinks it humorous that I would try to assign traits to this unknown person.

First and foremost I desire a healthy child. If that child is a colicky, stubborn, high maintenance, demanding little one. So be it! For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Who wants to remind me of that when I am exhausted two weeks after birth and waving the flag of defeat? Thanks!

Here is our little peanut at 14 6/7 weeks. He/She is laying on his/her back looking up. You can see the little nose, and eyes. The legs are sticking up and there is a perfect shot of one of the cute little legs. It is bent at the knee with a little flexed foot. You can see the ball of the femur at the top left of the picture and the knee is the bottom of the V made by the leg. The little part on the right of the V is the foot! (It's easier to see if you turn your head to the right. I would point it out, but I am not sure how to do that on the computer).

It was amazing to see that little bugger moving all around since I can't feel it yet. Hopefully soon I will! It was moving so quickly it was hard to look at anything for very long, but I did get to see the little heart beating!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Perfect Gift

One of the wonderful nurses I work with, Michelle, who has two boys of her own and has become a great friend, mentor and mother-of-boys-advice-giver, found two perfect books for the boys at a rummage sale! She is so sweet and has given us many toys, costumes, clothes her boys have outgrown. The boys have been enjoying them thoroughly since they got them last night. One is a seek-n-find batman and robin book and the other is a batman and robin book with sounds to accompany. Thanks Michelle!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A trip to the land of the "Cobbers"

The boys and I headed down to Fargo, ND (an hour south of Grand Forks) this afternoon to cheer for Richard's cross country team who had a meet conveniently in Moorhead, MN (right across the river) where my littlest sister just started her freshman year of college. We had fun cheering at the race and running around and then headed over to Concordia College campus to see Laura and her "new house" as the boys referred to it.

They loved the skywalk connecting her dorm to another building.
Here is her room! When the boys walked in Jonah asked if this was the basement and then they both wondered why it was so small. I forgot that they have never seen a dorm room before! They decided it was very nice and wanted to stay with Laura.
The boys checking out Laura's side of the room.
Laura's desk. Isn't their room cute? It made me miss college!
The highlight of our trip for the boys was eating with Laura in the dining hall. They LOVED all the choices and couldn't believe there was endless chocolate milk!
An attempt to get a picture before we left for home.
We are so excited she is so close so we can visit often!
I had never been to Concordia's campus and I was very impressed! Everyone was so friendly and did not seem to mind two obnoxious toddlers bouncing around and being loud. It was fun to see where she will be and meet some of her cross country team mates.

We miss you Laura and hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Baby story

***Warning: This is a long post, but I guarantee you won't regret reading it!***

As many of you know, we have a very inquisitive 4 year old. He reminds me a lot of Richard and often doesn't settle for a simple answer to his questions and searches until he finds the right answer. As a result, I have revealed to him more than the average 4 year old probably desires to know or needs to know. I can't say the same for Elijah (his 3 year old brother), but as a result of having an extremely inquisitive older brother, he unfortunately learns more than he would also probably like to.

Monday we had a prime example of this. I will probably scar them for life by publicly sharing this and they might require therapy later, but I just didn't want to risk forgetting this. I will do my best to relay the story as accurately as possible...

Due to our recent pregnancy, Jonah has been very curious about babies. How they eat, where they sleep, how big they are each week, can they hear, taste, see, and how they come out! I have tried my best to nonchalantly explain the birthing process to him without going into too great of detail. However, he has not been satisfied with my "wimpy" answers. So when he asked how the baby gets out, I explained that I will go to the hospital with daddy, lay in a bed with my legs up and push really hard. Then the doctor will catch the baby when it comes out. His response to this: "Mom, there has to be more to it than that. I want to know what happens."

Little did I know that TLC would provide me with the perfect teaching opportunity to explain this amazing feat. (For those of you who don't know us well, we don't have cable or any sort of tv programs at our house. We have a tv for watching movies, but that is it. My husband claims it is because I became a tv junkie my sophomore year of college when I was an RA and cable was essentially free. I think he just uses it as an excuse).

Monday, we headed over to my parents house to let out their dog and it happened to be lunch time. The boys were busy playing while I slaved away and made some PB&J sandwiches. While doing this I turned on TLC's a baby story. Love that show! There was about 5 minutes left in the show and the boys came flying up the stairs to see if lunch was ready. The lady was delivering twins and was just getting ready to push the first one out. As she is in position (feet in stirrups and Dr. present), grunting, groaning, and writhing in pain, the boys enter the room with their eye balls popping out of their head a few feet. Jonah says, "What in the world is going on here?" Elijah just has a look of absolute disgust on his face.

Now, my first instinct is to turn off the tv and explain what was going on myself. However, after multiple attempts at this already I decided to let this one play out. (In case you are wondering the camera angle is from the head of the hospital bed so they are not getting an anatomy lesson at the same time).

As the boys plop down on the couch and I am explaining that this mommy is going to have two babies, the first one is born. The doctor holds her up for the family to see quickly followed by the second and the silence at my house is marred by the following comments of my toddlers.
  • Jonah: "That was the coolest thing I have ever seen. What is that long thing hanging from the baby's tummy? Are you going to have two babies?"
  • Me: "That is the umbilical cord, and no I am only having one remember?"
  • Elijah: "Why is the baby all dirty (it was covered in vernix and blood)? What is all over it? GROSS!!!"
  • Me: " The baby is not dirty Elijah. Do you remember how your fingers look like raisins when you are in the tub too long? That white stuff is kind of like a lotion that protects the baby's skin because it is inside a bunch of water in the mommy's tummy."
  • Elijah: "If it is in water it should be clean, not dirty!"
Then there were more questions about why they put the naked baby on the warmer bed without putting clothes on it first because they were afraid it would get cold, and why is the mommy making so many noises, and does it hurt when they cut the umbilical cord.

I went to turn the tv off so we could eat lunch and they both protested asking if they could watch another baby be born. I decide that is ok as long as they eat while we watch. So we ate our PB&J's while watching the second episode. Jonah was annoyed with all the talking at the beginning and he just wanted me to fast forward it to the baby coming out!

So the next episode is a poor lady whose labor fails to progress and they have to bring her to a c-section. On a side note, Jonah already knew that the baby lives in the mommy's "ooterus (uterus)" and comes out the "gina (vagina)". In this episode the mother gets an epidural so the boys of course want to know why someone is poking her in the back. I explain that it is a little tube that is going to give the mommy medicine because it hurts when the uterus is contracting and helping get the baby out.
  • Jonah: "It hurts to have a baby? Did you get medicine mommy?"
  • Me: "Yes, it does hurt and no I did not get any medicine."
  • Jonah: "Why?"
  • Me: "Because mommy thought I could do it without medicine and I did!"
  • Jonah: "No, why did you do that again if it hurt so bad?"
  • Me: "Because I love you that much! Remember that when you get older!"
When the next lady is being wheeled into a c-section Jonah gets very confused and asks what is going on. I explain that some mommy's have to get their tummy's cut open and the baby is taken out like that because the baby can't come out the other way. Jonah's response to this is "doesn't the Dr. know that the baby is supposed to come out the vagina?"

After this baby is born, Elijah, who has been quiet this whole time, is mortified again that this baby is dirty. Jonah, on the other hand, is ecstatic saying this was the coolest thing he has ever seen, and he always wanted to know how it happened.

Then, Jonah turns to me and asks if HE can be there for this baby's birth! Yikes! I calmly tell him that he can not and he became very upset. I told him that daddy would take me to the hospital when it is time, and Grandma or Grandpa would watch them. Then, when the baby is out we will call them to come see him or her. Elijah looks at me very seriously and says "I only want to see the baby when it is clean. I do NOT want to see the baby when it is dirty." I laugh and tell him that we would clean the baby up first!

We turn the tv off and I feel fairly satisfied with how well the "birth lesson" played out. Then Elijah turns to me and says: "So the Dr. puts the baby in the mommy and then takes it out?" As I am trying to decide how to answer this one, Jonah turns to him and says: "No, the baby is already in there. The Dr. just helps take it out silly." I let out a sigh of relief as two heads turn my way and Jonah says: "Mom how does the baby get in there?"

I had a small heart attack at this moment knowing that I can NOT tell them really how the baby gets in there. Not because I don't think they couldn't handle it, but because they will share this information with complete strangers every where we go for who knows how long! So, I tell them that God puts the baby in there and hold my breath to see how it is received. Jonah says "I don't think that's how it works mom." So I tell them there is more to it than that, but we can talk about it when they get older. By the grace of God that was sufficient!

Sorry Jonah and Elijah if this embarrasses you later in life, but it was just too cute to keep silent! Jonah, when you are an obstetrician someday I can share this story. Elijah, when your wife wonders why you don't want to be in the delivery room for the birth of your child, I will take full responsibility!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

14 weeks!

We are 14 weeks!

I have not taken any pictures yet of this growing baby, I think partly because I was nervous to get excited and partly because I have been so dog gone sick! I feel I have gotten large faster this time. Yes, I know this is my 3rd child, but I have yet to experience this because I am usually so sick that I loose weight for the first 4 months. I have felt worse this time but have been able to keep more food down so I think I won't have to worry about the weight loss part. Plus, Zofran is my new best friend! Can't live without it! Literally!

Quick list of praises regarding this little peanut:
  1. Hurray for the 2nd trimester!
  2. Hurray for Zofran: My new best friend!
  3. I have only been in once for IV fluids!
  4. The boys are SUPER excited about this little one and are anxious to feel him or her kicking.
  5. Elijah has stopped talking about hurting the baby and is now talking about feeding the baby, changing its diaper (yeah right), and sharing some of his toys!
  6. I got a sneak peek at work of our little jumping bean when we were slow a few weeks ago thanks to my great friend who works in labor and delivery (she will remain nameless for her protection ;0)
  7. I am still able to wear my normal jeans (I did just order some maternity ones because this won't last too much longer)
  8. I am hoping to feel the baby move soon. I was able to feel Elijah at 16 weeks!
  9. I don't think I will every grow tired of little kisses on my belly from the boys!
  10. I AM going to find out the sex, but Richard doesn't want to know...or so he thinks.

Hurray for 14 weeks! Praise the Lord for little blessings.