Friday, August 28, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request!

Update #1: Nikki is out of surgery and they did not find a blockage, but three areas that were infected and swollen. They are still unsure of why this occurred, but hopefully she will start feeling better now and the antibiotics will do their job! Thanks for praying!


Dear friends and family,

Please pray for my sister Nikki! She is living in Montana with her husband and is having surgery right now. We don't know many details, just that she has been not feeling well for over a week and had been previously seen by a doctor who had done a few tests to try find out what is wrong. She has been having abdominal pain and I am afraid she might have a blockage of some kind.

Sorry for the limited info, but that is really all I know. We are just trusting God and praying the surgeons are able to discover the problem and a fix. Her wonderful husband is taking excellent care of her, so even though she is so far away, we know she is in good hands! However, they both have recently started new jobs (this summer), so please pray for all those details to work themselves out with time off, etc.

Thanks and I will update as soon as I know more.
Love, Becky

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Prachar family said...

Praying,how scary. God, give them comfort and confidence in the care she is receiving. You are able.