Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiderman Party

Elijah had a Spider Man birthday party this year by default. He wanted a Robin party (from batman), but I spent HOURS looking on the internet for party supplies and came up empty handed. Thanks to my sister Nikki and her husband Tom, Elijah became obsessed with spiderman after our trip to Montana when he opened a spiderman lego set from them! Whew! We jumped on the spiderman train, and I talked it up until the big day! Overall, it was a great party and such a fun day!

Elijah did get a little overwhelmed when everyone arrived and he didn't get to eat his cake and open presents right away. We had the slip and slide set up in the backyard for the kiddos and the adults just relaxed while they played. Here are some fun pics from the day!

You can't have a party without fun balloons!

Elijah trying out the slip and slide. He was a little frustrated by his inability to slide all the way down, but still had fun.

After some hot dogs, fruit, and chips the kiddos played superheros in the basement while the adults ate.

The Spidey cake!

Happy Birthday to Elijah!

Choosing the perfect piece of cake.

How can he be 3 already?

Great Grandpa Tony and Great Grandma Sharon with the birthday boy!

We ended the night with a bonfire. It was so much fun and we were so pleased with how well it went! The kids had a blast and Elijah was one happy boy! (I am thankful that Jonah's birthday is a few months away though, that was exhausting!)

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