Monday, September 10, 2012

Heard from the backseat

Life is flying by and I am hanging on for dear life!

So, blogging has taken a backseat while I try to stay afloat. 

Speaking of backseats....I had the following conversation with my sweet 2 year old that was too funny not to share...

Isaac: You roll the window down momma?

Me: What do you need the window down for?

Isaac: So I can throw my booger out the window!

Me: Ok, but just your booger and nothing else!

(Window rolling down)

Isaac: Goodbye booger! I not eat you, that sick! Momma, I not eat my booger.

Me: Good Isaac, eating your boogers is yucky!

Isaac: It not yucky mom. 

Me: Yes Isaac it is yucky.

Isaac: No mom, it SICK! (He turns to Olivia and talks to her) Livie J, not eat your boogers! It SICK! It so SICK Livie. Just throw them out the window!

So, don't eat your boogers! Throw them out the window instead!

Hope to be back soon with more entertainment.