Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh No! Where Is Isaac?

Our boys have ALL been busy as toddlers, but I think Isaac takes the cake for being the busiest so far!

He has developed a remarkable independence (as a result of trying to keep up with his 5 & 6 year old brothers who he adores) and believes he can do things that other 18 month olds don't yet know exist.

He has lived up to his nickname his dad gave him when he first became mobile "Isaaczilla" as well.

He is very curious and loves to take things apart, put them back together or just try to figure out how they work.  My mom is predicting engineering for his future. I can see it.

While I enjoy his independence, it has been a bit challenging as well. 

He is pretty good about entertaining himself for short periods of time so I can do dishes, put away clothes, or work on supper.

However, he is also pretty sneaky and quiet when he is getting into something he shouldn't be.

While my preggo brain is full force and I become caught up in a task, I frequently find myself saying "Oh no, where is Isaac?"

Fortunately, he has enjoyed the attention he receives from me when I find him challenging his independence!  If he is doing something he probably shouldn't he yells "Mom" but it sounds distinctively different than any other time he is trying to get my attention.

He will continue to yell my name until I find him and then he is usually beaming with pride as I discover whatever he is or has been doing. 

It probably doesn't help that I will take a picture of him...

He can climb up to the top bunk by himself apparently...
I learned of this one unfortunate Saturday morning when I was trying to get ready so we could all go to the farmer's market.  He had climbed up there while Jonah was "watching" him during my 2 minute an 30 second shower. 

Then he proceeded to dump out 2 jars of sand (an art project Jonah had done with the colorful fine sand) all over Jonah's bed. 

Not only did he dump it on Jonah's bed, but managed to dump it from the top bunk to the bottom one as well.  Needless to say, both beds were vacuumed and the bedding was washed. 

He has a sweet tooth that gets him into trouble too...
He had seen me put away extra cup cakes from Elijah's birthday into the box the cake had been in.

He had screamed, stomped his feet, and threw a fabulous tantrum requesting one and was not happy with me when I said no. 

I left him to finish his tantrum and when he was curiously silent I came back to discover him in the above picture.  He had pushed a chair up next to the counter, climbed up and was taking large fingers full of frosting at a time.

When I asked him what he was doing he said, "Yummmmmm momma."

He has recently become obsessed with "going pee" and flushing the toilet. 

When he does this he pushes the stool up to the toilet, lifts up his shirt, and then proceeds to flush the toilet multiple times. 
While I have been impressed with his association with going to the bathroom, and coming to tell me he is going pee (with a warm, wet diaper on) and that he has to poop (and returning a few minutes later with a dirty diaper for me to change, I am not going to start potty training now.

I am encouraged that he can make a connection, but the other 2 also showed interest this early for a brief time and then weren't potty trained until later.

The process itself is long enough, I certainly am not going to drag it out
 or begin it before adding a baby to the mix!

He loves to help me cook or bake. 

Often this requires me to practice patience and restraint while I allow him to make more messes and make the process take longer than it otherwise would, but he sure enjoys it. 

Here he was helping me make some guacamole for taco night. He was doing a great job mashing the avocados for me, but I caught him taking giant spoonfulls of it into his mouth. 

                 Oh Isaac,  You have become a toddler right before our eyes!  I love your independence and cherish the moments you still want to be held, snuggled, and give hugs and kisses.  I am having a hard time letting go of you as you try to conquer bigger and better things. 

 I pray this confidence continues to grow and helps shape you into the boy God has created you to be.  I am enjoying these last few weeks together before your little brother or sister consumes most of my attention.  I am enjoying our time together while Elijah is at preschool. 

Don't forget to give your momma lots of loving as you get bigger!  I also pray for safety as you climb to new heights and discover new things. I am thankful to be your mommy on this adventure!

Impromptu Sister Time & The First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was another BIG day in our house!

Yesterday my 2nd son had his first day of preschool. 

It is hard to believe he is old enough to be in school and that next year I will have to drop him off for the whole day. Whew! 

My baby sister Laura is starting her first day of her Junior year of college today.

Wow! I still remember holding her for the first time in the hospital and being 7 years older feel a little like a mother hen to her.

Monday morning she joined us for the morning and some impromptu sister time before heading off to college again. 

She came with to drop Jonah off at school so she could see his 1st grade room and then we had some fabulous time together before bringing Elijah to preschool for the first time.

We headed to Caribou to relax and enjoy some coffee together.
Here she is playing with the boys in the little kids area.

Isaac sure enjoyed the little corner of kiddo entertainment.

They even had a small collection of children's books to read while you enjoy your time.

Isaac was a little scared of this bear chair at first, but then found it to be tons of fun.

Elijah was pretty excited and I think a little nervous for his first day.

He wouldn't admit it, but he became a little quiet and withdrawn when we got there. 

When I kissed him goodbye with tears in my eyes he told me to be brave and not to cry.

I didn't! Hard to believe, but I knew he would be just fine. 

(He would only let me take a picture of him in his classroom if Laura could be in it)

After leaving him it was certainly strange to have just one child!

Isaac and I ran a few errands and visited a good friend while we waited to get Elijah. 

When we picked him up he was full of stories about how great his new school is and how he had made a new friend, Pierce.

When I asked if he had made any other friends he said nope just Pierce.

He did a great job telling me the events of the morning and was pretty cute about it too.

He told me they worked on the number 0, color red and the circle was the shape they learned about. 

I asked what he thought of that and this was his response:

"Well guess what mom? We are working on a new number each day all the way to 10! But I already know that and the color of the day was red...easy...and the shape was circle...know it!"

So cute! I am looking forward to tomorrow when he has his 2nd day!

Praising the Lord for little boys who love to learn!

Friday, August 26, 2011

30 weeks and Still On My Feet!

Today we are 30 weeks....
and I am still on my feet!

With Isaac I was on bedrest from 29 weeks to 36 weeks.

I am still having TOO many contractions for my own comfort, but thanks to taking it easy this summer and working the bare minimum at work, I am still pregnant and not on bedrest. 

Praying that I can continue this pattern, but I have already found myself doing more than I should now that school is back in session and Richard is gone all day. 

Fortunately the big boys have been helpful and able to do things for me to make it a little easier, but my to-do list is getting longer and longer and the reality of it getting done is getting slimmer and slimmer.

I also am not a big fan of sitting around all day so I have been limiting my physical activity, but rewarding myself with a small walk around the block after downing a few glasses of water. 

The water keeps me hydrated AND prevents me from doing too much walking as my bladder gently reminds me that once around the block is my limit!

The hardest part is the reality that I will probably not be able to do everything I would like to do myself and am going to have to change my expectations of what will get accomplished each day. 

It is also hard that we aren't able to go to the cross country meets and cheer on daddy's "red runners" as the boys have named them. 

They adore the cross country team and know many of them by name and love watching them race. 

However, I know that 3 small children who love to run + 1 pregnant lady trying to avoid bedrest + a cross country meet = not a good idea. 

I am so thankful that God has kept this little one growing and safe!

I find myself taking lots of deep breaths and continuing to practice patience as I trust His plan during the day as I contract and try to relax and not worry about it.

(Not something I am considerably good at, but I know His plan is best!)

While I am becoming more and more excited daily to meet this 4th little turkey, I am praying the glorious day does not happen for at least 8 more weeks.

Thanks to all who have been praying for this peanut and keep me smiling as the chaos continues to build around our home. 

Funny how quickly my perspective changes when I think of 
how soon there will be another little one to add to it!

Makes it seem pretty easy now! Ha!

Thank you Lord for 30 weeks and here's to a few more I hope!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade and Preschool Open House

Yesterday was Jonah's first day of 1st grade!!!

He was so excited to get back to school it was adorable. 

The night before we headed over to Viking and met his teacher, 
Mrs. Huus (who has 3 boys of her own).

She is full of energy and smiles and I am excited for Jonah to be in her class this year. 

He was able to put his school supplies away and check out who else was in his class. 

He has quite a few of the same kiddos from his class last year,
including one of his good buddies Carter A.

Here we are checking out his class.

Jonah was up at 6:20 the first day of school and was trying to drag me out of bed for fear he was going to be late! Reassuring him that he had almost 2 hours before school even started didn't seem to matter.

All morning he was frantic to get to school. 

Fortunately all my boys cooperated for one quick photo session before everyone headed off.

Can I really have a first grader?????

Richard took Isaac to daycare since Elijah had his preschool open house after we dropped Jonah off.  
Despite being toddler free, I could hardly keep up with Jonah has he raced into school!

I almost didn't get this picture due to his high anxiety level about waiting an extra 20 seconds to take it before entering the building!

Ready to start the day!
(The adorable little girl next to him is the daughter of a classmate of mine from high school who was also in Jonah's class last year!)

I have to admit it was a lot easier dropping him off this year knowing how much he loves school and that he will be just fine without me. 

I was smiling as we walked out when I overheard another dad explain to his daughter that her tummy ache was from butterflies and as he wiped away her tears she headed to her seat with a quivering lip.

Whew! I know my pregnant emotional self could not have handled that kind of goodbye!

I am a little afraid that I will be experiencing that with this little man next year...

We headed to Caribou for a mommy and me date to help with the jealousy of his big brother starting school again and the reality of Elijah being home without his best buddy every day!

Our date lasted a good ten minutes before Elijah dropped his hot chocolate all over himself and the floor.

Good thing we live close to Caribou!

We headed home for a quick change of clothes and then over to his preschool, which happens to be a few blocks west and south of Jonah's school.

Elijah was also so excited to check out his school 
that I could hardly get him to stand still for this picture...

He was able to meet his teacher, a few of his classmates and play while I filled out paperwork. 

He is in the rainbow room and of the 13 kids in his class only 3 are girls!

Guess it was the year of the boys!

He doesn't start until next week so the anticipation will keep building until he gets to have his first day of school next Monday. 

I will probably cry.

Elijah did pretty well yesterday despite missing Jonah all day because we stayed quite busy. 

Isaac had a few moments where he walked around the house with his hands up repeating Jonah's name.

They were both pretty excited to reunite with their big brother at 3 o'clock!

Jonah had lots of great things to say about first grade and was a little disappointed he didn't get to "play" like they did in kindergarten. 

Overall it was a great day and I pray the excitement for school continues as the months go by!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye Summer Days

School starts this week.

I am ready to be back into a routine, but not ready to loose the freedom we have enjoyed this summer.

It has been so nice to have everyone home together.

My heart breaks for Jonah and Elijah to be apart as they are best buds and have truly enjoyed some extra time together this summer to play and be brothers.

I am also sad for Isaac as he enjoys tagging along and adores his big brothers.

Jonah can hardly wait to get started with 1st grade and Elijah is looking forward to preschool.

The fall also means Richard is gone more which will be hard on all of us.

He has been a tremendous help around the house this summer and I have managed to avoid bedrest.

Plus, since we don't get so see each other much during track and cross country, it sure has been nice to see him on a daily basis!

Cross Country has already started and the boys team took 1st at their first meet.
(I am pretty stinking proud of my hubby and those boys.
They have put in lots of hard work this summer and it is aready paying off)

School starting also means baby #4 is going to be here before we know it.
Yikes! I sure am ready to meet his little one, but not quite ready for the sleep deprivation!

So, I thought it only fitting to post a few pics from the last few weeks of summer that we have enjoyed.

Goodbye hot sunny days and playing in the backyard.

Goodbye water fights with your brothers in the backyard

Goodybe ice cream cones for dessert on the front steps...
we'll probably get to do this for a little longer.

Richard has been able to put Isaac down for nap most days and bedtime.
Isaac loves reading stories and loves his special time with daddy!

Isaac has become a good baking buddy for me.
We will probably continue this too...

Goodbye Summer, we will miss you!

Hard to believe next summer we could have a little one crawling around our house!

Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Years Old...Pirate Style

Arrr Matey's, Capt'n Elijah turned 5 yesterday!

Elijah was King for the day as we celebrated his birthday Pirate style. 

The festivities kicked off with a friend pirate party a little before lunch.

Here are 3 of my favorite pirates ready to party!

Despite being a little hot, we had the party in the porch, which was great!

Our lovely neighbor lent us some skeletons to use.

I found that pirate ship pinata on Amazon.

We had pirate cupcakes, tattoos, pirate eye patches, and gold coins. 

Watch out for this scary crew!

We played a few games, musical island (musical chairs), stick the treasure box on the map (pin the tail on the donkey), and had a treasure hunt at the end. 

The hungry crew ate some pizza for lunch.

Captain Elijah opened his presents.

He was flying high with new lego sets, star wars gear, comic books, a new kite, an edible bug making kit, and a pirate ship you build!

Aunt Nikki stopped by to check out the festivities too!

We let everyone take a whack at the pinata...even the smallest of the crew.

Can't believe this little man is 5!!!!!!!

The party ended with a treasure hunt to discover Elijah's new bike we got him and a box of mardi gras beads and gold coins. 

Needless to say, the pirate party was a hit! 

We rested our weary party feet for a few hours and headed to Space Aliens for more party fun with my grandparents, parents, Aunt Nikki and Laura & Uncle Tom.

Then we headed back to our house to have Star Wars cake (which Captain Elijah wanted for his pirate party but his mother had already bought the pirate cupcake supplies on sale at TJ Maxx this summer so she convinced him to save the Star Wars cake for the evening)

Making a wish...

The cake was thumbs up!  Marble cake with cookies and cream filling. Yummy!
(It was so delicious, the boys and I may have had some for breakfast this morning)

Don't worry, I made them eat a banana first, and we put ice cream on it to add some dairy!

Jonah approved of the delicious cake too!

Isaac missed out on pirate cupcakes as he had discovered a sucker from the pinata, so he was pretty excited to get some cake and ice cream!

My grandparents gave Elijah a wonderful computer bag for school and a leap frog learning game!

Here's the rowdy crew...

We even had a few guest appearances...

Darth Vader...

and Pirate Nikki!

Overall the day was wonderful! The big boys thanked us for the special day and Elijah was having a hard time drifting off to sleep while his lego sets waited to be put together in the living room. He managed to sleep in this morning and we have started on one. 

I can't believe he is already 5!  He starts preschool in a week and is thrilled. I am secretly glad he has another year to mature because I know I am not ready to send him to school all day!

Happy Birthday Pirate Elijah/Darth Vader!

We love you so much and our family is blessed with you in it!