Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye Summer Days

School starts this week.

I am ready to be back into a routine, but not ready to loose the freedom we have enjoyed this summer.

It has been so nice to have everyone home together.

My heart breaks for Jonah and Elijah to be apart as they are best buds and have truly enjoyed some extra time together this summer to play and be brothers.

I am also sad for Isaac as he enjoys tagging along and adores his big brothers.

Jonah can hardly wait to get started with 1st grade and Elijah is looking forward to preschool.

The fall also means Richard is gone more which will be hard on all of us.

He has been a tremendous help around the house this summer and I have managed to avoid bedrest.

Plus, since we don't get so see each other much during track and cross country, it sure has been nice to see him on a daily basis!

Cross Country has already started and the boys team took 1st at their first meet.
(I am pretty stinking proud of my hubby and those boys.
They have put in lots of hard work this summer and it is aready paying off)

School starting also means baby #4 is going to be here before we know it.
Yikes! I sure am ready to meet his little one, but not quite ready for the sleep deprivation!

So, I thought it only fitting to post a few pics from the last few weeks of summer that we have enjoyed.

Goodbye hot sunny days and playing in the backyard.

Goodbye water fights with your brothers in the backyard

Goodybe ice cream cones for dessert on the front steps...
we'll probably get to do this for a little longer.

Richard has been able to put Isaac down for nap most days and bedtime.
Isaac loves reading stories and loves his special time with daddy!

Isaac has become a good baking buddy for me.
We will probably continue this too...

Goodbye Summer, we will miss you!

Hard to believe next summer we could have a little one crawling around our house!

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