Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Impromptu Sister Time & The First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was another BIG day in our house!

Yesterday my 2nd son had his first day of preschool. 

It is hard to believe he is old enough to be in school and that next year I will have to drop him off for the whole day. Whew! 

My baby sister Laura is starting her first day of her Junior year of college today.

Wow! I still remember holding her for the first time in the hospital and being 7 years older feel a little like a mother hen to her.

Monday morning she joined us for the morning and some impromptu sister time before heading off to college again. 

She came with to drop Jonah off at school so she could see his 1st grade room and then we had some fabulous time together before bringing Elijah to preschool for the first time.

We headed to Caribou to relax and enjoy some coffee together.
Here she is playing with the boys in the little kids area.

Isaac sure enjoyed the little corner of kiddo entertainment.

They even had a small collection of children's books to read while you enjoy your time.

Isaac was a little scared of this bear chair at first, but then found it to be tons of fun.

Elijah was pretty excited and I think a little nervous for his first day.

He wouldn't admit it, but he became a little quiet and withdrawn when we got there. 

When I kissed him goodbye with tears in my eyes he told me to be brave and not to cry.

I didn't! Hard to believe, but I knew he would be just fine. 

(He would only let me take a picture of him in his classroom if Laura could be in it)

After leaving him it was certainly strange to have just one child!

Isaac and I ran a few errands and visited a good friend while we waited to get Elijah. 

When we picked him up he was full of stories about how great his new school is and how he had made a new friend, Pierce.

When I asked if he had made any other friends he said nope just Pierce.

He did a great job telling me the events of the morning and was pretty cute about it too.

He told me they worked on the number 0, color red and the circle was the shape they learned about. 

I asked what he thought of that and this was his response:

"Well guess what mom? We are working on a new number each day all the way to 10! But I already know that and the color of the day was red...easy...and the shape was circle...know it!"

So cute! I am looking forward to tomorrow when he has his 2nd day!

Praising the Lord for little boys who love to learn!

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