Friday, August 26, 2011

30 weeks and Still On My Feet!

Today we are 30 weeks....
and I am still on my feet!

With Isaac I was on bedrest from 29 weeks to 36 weeks.

I am still having TOO many contractions for my own comfort, but thanks to taking it easy this summer and working the bare minimum at work, I am still pregnant and not on bedrest. 

Praying that I can continue this pattern, but I have already found myself doing more than I should now that school is back in session and Richard is gone all day. 

Fortunately the big boys have been helpful and able to do things for me to make it a little easier, but my to-do list is getting longer and longer and the reality of it getting done is getting slimmer and slimmer.

I also am not a big fan of sitting around all day so I have been limiting my physical activity, but rewarding myself with a small walk around the block after downing a few glasses of water. 

The water keeps me hydrated AND prevents me from doing too much walking as my bladder gently reminds me that once around the block is my limit!

The hardest part is the reality that I will probably not be able to do everything I would like to do myself and am going to have to change my expectations of what will get accomplished each day. 

It is also hard that we aren't able to go to the cross country meets and cheer on daddy's "red runners" as the boys have named them. 

They adore the cross country team and know many of them by name and love watching them race. 

However, I know that 3 small children who love to run + 1 pregnant lady trying to avoid bedrest + a cross country meet = not a good idea. 

I am so thankful that God has kept this little one growing and safe!

I find myself taking lots of deep breaths and continuing to practice patience as I trust His plan during the day as I contract and try to relax and not worry about it.

(Not something I am considerably good at, but I know His plan is best!)

While I am becoming more and more excited daily to meet this 4th little turkey, I am praying the glorious day does not happen for at least 8 more weeks.

Thanks to all who have been praying for this peanut and keep me smiling as the chaos continues to build around our home. 

Funny how quickly my perspective changes when I think of 
how soon there will be another little one to add to it!

Makes it seem pretty easy now! Ha!

Thank you Lord for 30 weeks and here's to a few more I hope!

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jill said...

Good perspective, Becky. And, hard to do too. You are a very good and patient mama ;)