Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marshall County Fair

Last week I took the boys to the Marshall County Fair

They had a BLAST!!!

It was hot but with just enough breeze to keep us comfortable.

The older two remembered going last year with my dad and could hardly wait to ride down this slide with potato sacks....

The swings were pretty fun too!

Isaac just watched for a little while, then Grandpa bought him a wristband so he could ride too and he LOVED it!  Jonah and Elijah were super sweet and took him on the kiddie rides. 

Here he is in the train or "choo choo" as he calls it.  He was a little unsure at first, but after a few times around he didn't want to get off.  In fact he and Jonah rode it right before we left and they scored the conductor seat where the steering wheel and bell is. 

 I had to literally pry his little fingers off the wheel when the ride was over and he was kicking, screaming, and hitting me as I tried to walk away without too much of a scene.

He broke my heart as he cried, "bye bye choo choo" as we walked away.

Elijah riding the motorcycles

Jonah and Isaac riding right behind

Grandpa graciously took Isaac on the carousal, as I was not allowed to get on with my pregnant belly.

I guess standing next to an 18 month old as it slowly goes around and round is too strenuous if you are pregoo. Who would have thunk it?

Isaac also enjoyed the cotton candy, funnel cakes, and popcorn!

Of al the rides and fun things we did at the fair, the boys said their favorite thing was shooting water balloons at each other.   There was a giant sling shot and a small hole to shoot through to each other. 

Elijah did pretty good, but my dad helped him out a few times.  Their giggles were infectious as they shot each other and got quite wet!

On the way out we walked through the animals, which may have been Isaac's second favorite part (after the "choo choo" of course).  He LOVED seeing all the animals and hearing them!

Jonah and Elijah spent the time with their noses plugged and didn't find it quite as exciting as their little brother!  Isaac even made some animal noises back at the cows and horses. 

Overall we had a great time and didn't leave until 10pm!

I got to ride back with my two sisters, which was super fun!

Jonah was asleep before we even left Warren, Elijah almost made it back to Grand Forks awake and Isaac rocked it out all the way back as if he had just slept for hours. 

I am sure we will have to go back next year.

Hard to believe our 4th little peanut will be 9 months old then!

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