Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's In The Diaper?

The boys were asking how much longer it would be until the baby comes. 

They noticed my belly was getting bigger and remembered that meant we were getting close.

They were disappointed when I pointed out that yes my belly was getting bigger, but we still had a few weeks to least 10. 

I told them the baby would be around Halloween.

They were talking about how they both think it's another brother, but how much they would love a sister!

This always melts my heart. 

Funny how 2 little boys can spend years praying for a baby sister!

We have had many discussions about how God doesn't always give you what you ask for, but he gives us what He knows we need. 

They don't always agree with God that they needed Isaac, but they do love him to pieces. 

If anyone asks them what they think we are having they both will say they really want a sister, but they think it's another brother. 

When we were pregnant with Isaac they didn't want us to tell them what we had when the baby was born.  They wanted to see for themselves when they came to the hospital to meet their new baby brother or sister. So adorable!  

They decided they would look at the baby first, and then by looking in the diaper they would be able to tell for sure what we had. 

When they met Isaac for the first time he was laying on the warmer, freshly bathed and just in a diaper. 

When they walked in the room Elijah right away said, "It's a boy isn't it?"

Jonah wasn't so sure and we told them to go check it out. 

So they both went over to the warmer and peeked in the diaper.

Then Jonah said, "It has a penis! It's a boy!"

So, they have told us they want to do the same thing again with this baby.

When I asked them how they would know if it was a boy or a girl Elijah said, "If the baby has pink on it will be a sister and if the baby has blue on it will be a brother."

I reminded them that when they met Isaac he wasn't dressed. 

"So then how will you know?" 

Jonah said, "I guess we will have to look in the diaper."

Then they both were quiet for a moment and I could see their little wheels turning. 

Then Elijah lowered his voice and leaned closer to me and said, 
"Mom, what does a not penis look like? "

"A not penis? What do you mean Elijah?"

He said, "you know, if it has a penis it's a boy and if it has a not penis it's a girl."

The boys have learned the appropriate labels for boy and girl private parts so when I asked them what a girl's private parts were called I wasn't surprised to hear the right answer. 

(Although they call a vagina a bagina, I am okay with that)

So as they continued to insist on me describing to them what a "not penis" looked like, I decided this would not end well and told them someday we could change a diaper of a baby girl and they could see, but if it wasn't a penis that it would be a girl. 

They left with a slightly puzzled look on their faces and I heard them say to each other that it would probably be a baby brother, and they know what a penis looks like, so they think it will be okay.

They quickly returned to their imaginary world of Lego's and the stress of what will be in the diaper was gone as quickly as it had come. 

I am very excited to meet this little one and I dream of the moment when he or she will meet his or her 3 big brothers. It will be a special moment for sure! One that I will treasure forever.

I am quite curious myself though, what's in the diaper??????

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Cindy and company said...

Too funny! Love the "not penis" line. You put a smile on my face this morning!