Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And then it was gone

Yesterday was a big day for our littlest man.

At 5 months old we are seeing big changes almost daily, new sounds & slowly becoming more mobile but yesterday he had a transformation.

He lost his comb over-mo hawk that has defined him since birth.

(Isaac & I both shed a few tears if you were wondering)

What had started out as a little fuzz on top...
making for some fun pictures...
became LOTS of fun on top!

While he wore it well, and certainly wasn't bothered by the "party" on top of his head,
I knew it was time to say goodbye.

I will sure miss that look, but I am also curious to see how his hair continues to grow.
So Isaac's first haircut was at 5 months old, mostly because it was time. Also so I wouldn't miss it while I was working, not that Richard did that with Elijah or anything. He did videotape it and save the hair, but its not quite the same as being there!

And you already know that I am a milestone lover and obsessively document such things.

Isaac did pretty well and only fussed at the end. Which could have been because he was ready for lunch and a nap before we started. Or he could have just been really sad about losing his infamous do. I guess we'll never know!

Either way, he looks pretty stinking handsome.

He looks a little like a baby duck, since it is soft, fuzzy, & sticks straight up.

He looks so grown up now!

While I remain in denial that my baby is growing up too fast, I will mourn the loss of the "baby hair" for just a few more days.

For now, I have a short haired little man calling for me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A room for our littlest man

We have been busy with home improvement projects, relaxing with family from California, and catching up on "to do lists" from December!

One of my favorite things we have done is almost finish Isaac's room.

It is unique, fun, and our first nursery that we have been able to decorate.

I have enjoyed transforming this room into one for our littlest man.

Let me just take you on a little tour...

This is the view of his room standing in the door.

(The lighting is bad, thus giving a poor picture of the color of the walls sorry!)

This is the view from one of my favorite spots (my birthday chair)
I have a great friend at work who has offered to make me a phrase for his wall and some other decorations with her cricut!

(drum roll please).....the chair Richard gave me for my Birthday!
It is a rocker/recliner and I LOVE it!!!!

It matches our living room furniture so we can add it out there when we don't need it for rocking a baby.

This pic shows the fun picture-hanging-thing-a-ma-bob I got from IKEA last year!

This is in the corner of the room

Here is a little better shot with the fun table we found at TJ Maxx

The chair again!

The sweet fan Richard installed!

Don't you just want to come over and snuggle up in the chair?