Thursday, January 28, 2010

35 weeks

Today we are 35 weeks and I have been smiling all day thinking about how I never imagined we would make it this far! We are so thankful that God has given our little Bruce the past 6 weeks inside me instead of in the NICU! I am hoping for a few more weeks, but won't complain at this point if we do go into labor.

I am officially off the Nifedipine and slowly increasing my activity. It feels great! I was able to go to Target with my mom on Tuesday night for the first time in 6 weeks and it was marvelous. I feel as though my body is a little atrophied after all the sitting I have been doing, and am feeling muscles I haven't felt in a while after this increase in activity. I was able to go to MOPS today and it was so refreshing to see my friends and be able to visit and be encouraged! I won't see my doctor until next week and then am hoping to return to work after that. I am sure I won't be working more than 8 hour shifts and probably some 4 hour shifts, but that is ok.

I am so curious to see how long we will make it now! Each day is a gift and I am praising the Lord for that. I did manage to catch a cold from the boys and am feeling pretty rotten. My head is congested, nose constantly running, and I can feel it moving into my chest. I just pray I am able to kick this before I go into labor. I am already nervous about having to endure labor in my weakened condition and certainly don't need a cold to top it off. My lovely husband keeps reminding me that whether I think I am ready or not, the baby will eventually come out! I am not sure if that is comforting or more disturbing! I am hoping to deliver naturally again and have started psyching myself up for that.

The boys are getting as antsy as us wanting to meet this little bugger. I am so excited to see their faces when they get to meet their baby sister or brother for the first time. I have a few more things to do around here while we wait. It seems like it has taken forever to get this far and now I am sure the days will fly by! I am mostly excited to kiss the little cheeks of this trouble maker and love him or her up!

Even though I am getting just a little uncomfortable, I am sure going to miss feeling that little one moving around in there and the hiccoughs. I almost forgot what it was like to not be pregnant...weird. I am in the rare category of women who love being pregnant, even though I feel so miserable. It is such a miracle and still baffles me to think about it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


These pictures don't quite do the transformation that occurred in our house this weekend justice. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture before we started cleaning out the office to transform it into a nursery. If you remember the cleaning spree I went on in November though, this is a picture of the office then. Unfortunately it looked worse now!

Either way, Richard and I spent the day on Saturday cleaning out, organizing, and moving furniture (Richard did that part) out of the office. We were able to fit the twin bed, desk, and filing cabinet all in the spare bedroom in the basement.

Here is a before pic of the office (looking in from the doorway)...

Here is the after picture of the nursery...

Another before shot of the office...

and now the nursery!

One last angle of the office...
and now Bruce's room!

Richard has been so great during the entire time I have been on bedrest (we are going on 6 weeks of it) and I have been humbled by his servant heart and the unconditional love he has shown all of us. I know how much work it takes to keep the house going (laundry, cleaning, the boys, meals, etc) and on top of all that he has been working full time!

He helped me clean out the office on Saturday and then yesterday he had a snow day due to the lovely blizzard that came through Grand Forks. The boys and I spent the morning home with him and then headed to my parents for the afternoon so he could put the crib together during nap time. He surprised me by moving some other furniture into the nursery and making it nice and cozy for little Bruce. I am one blessed wife!

We are now at a standstill until we get to find out who Bruce really is. If this little one is a girl the room will be transformed into a pink paradise with this bedding and if this little one is a boy my mom is going to make some fun crib bedding for me. I saw some cute black and white polka dot bedding we could copy and will maybe paint the room green.

We will probably paint the dresser in the baby's room too. I was originally thinking white, but Richard suggested we use the same color that we used for the trim. It is called cloth and it is in between a white and a cream. My mom also offered to make us some new curtains for the baby's room since the ones that are in there now are so beautiful! I am also hoping for a gliding rocking chair since the one we have in there now isn't breastfeeding compatible.

It is surreal to walk by the room and see it ready for this little one. It is also fun to be able to put baby things in there that I have been digging out of storage! My mom washed a few loads of baby clothes/blankets for me this weekend and I am looking forward to putting them away today too!

I am sure the room won't be "finished" for quite some time after this little one makes his or her debut. I am in love with it though! Thanks Richard, it will be a wonderful room to welcome Bruce home to.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting ready for baby...

Since we are hoping to have a few more weeks before the baby comes, I have been trying to get as much done as I can while I am still home. Richard and my mom have both offered to help do things I can't as well. I am hoping we can check quite a few things off my list this weekend.

Here is my list...
  1. Start cleaning out the office (so it can become the nursery)
  2. Find the baby blankets and wash them
  3. Go through the tub of newborn clothes and pick out some items for this little one to use and wash them
  4. Find my nursing bras, baby socks, and breast pump.
  5. Look for a dresser for the baby's room
  6. Sweet talk my hubby into digging out more baby stuff (swing, bouncy chair, crib)
  7. Get a diaper bag (ours bit the dust after Elijah
  8. Find the sheets for the pack-n-play and wash them up (we'll keep the baby in our room for a few months in this)

Thanks to internet shopping I was able to purchase a few items I needed (or wanted) for this baby but couldn't go to the store and get due to my bedrest restrictions. The blue polka dot item (pictured below) is a nursing cover or a "hooter hider" I purchased off etsy. It is basically a piece of fabric with a strap to go around your neck and a piece of flexible material in the neck line. This allows you to nurse your infant with a little privacy without having to worry about the blanket falling off (or getting pulled off). The flexible neckline allows mommy to keep an eye on her little one too!

I also realized the few items I had purchased for this little one (boy and girl) are all 3 months. I was anticipating a BIG baby so I did find the adorable little puppy sleeper (pictured below) in a newborn size and the little brother shirt to match the boys' big brother shirts at JC Penny's. I was able to use a gift card to purchase those and a few more fun items. The girl blanket and sleeper I purchased quite awhile ago and am curious to see if I get to use it! I didn't find a little sister shirt so if this is a girl I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one.

Some of our wonderful friends, the Fiala's, lent us their infant swing and infant carseat. I washed the carseat up and it is ready to go! I was able to get the swing out this week and test it out when a friend stopped by for lunch with her 7 week old. I left it out hoping the boys could get used to it since they have been pretty fascinated with it and accidentally bumping it every time they walk by! I am sure this will continue when there is a "real baby" in it, but I am hoping it won't be quite as much of a novelty as it was.

I am most excited to get this blanket, that I also ordered from, for the baby.
I picked out a special blanket for each of the boys. I spend a ridiculous amount of time picking one out and baffle my husband with this process. Thanks to the internet I was able to find this one for Bruce. I thought it was fun and could be used for a boy or a girl. I can hardly wait to wash it with some Dreft! I sure love the smell of that stuff.

I am getting so excited for Bruce to arrive, but am a little concerned that we still don't have any names! Almost all the girl names we liked have been scratched off our list since they were all on the top 10 of 2009 baby names list and we just can't agree on a boys name! I would love to spend some time discussing this, but I have already learned that my hubby works best under pressure so I suppose I will just pack the baby name book in my delivery bag.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Staying Busy

The boys and I have been staying busy during my bedrest. Even though it has been frustrating to just sit and not be able to "get stuff done" it has been wonderful to spend some quality time with the boys playing. Our days have been filled with legos, play doh, puzzles, games, books, and imaginative play (I get to be sleeping beauty often). I thought I should post a few pics of us playing together...

Here is Jonah showing off our play doh and lego creations

Here are just a few puzzles we put together. I wanted to do ALL the puzzles in our closet, but the boys lost interest so we stopped after these ones.

This is just a fun picture of the trees one morning when we woke up.
I wish I could be working now and using my maternity leave when our baby is here instead of now, but it has been a blessing to spend this time with the boys before this little one is born and turns their world upside down!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

34 weeks and still pregnant!

I can hardly believe that we have made it this far! I am so thankful for God's protection over this little one and allowing him or her to stay put an extra 5 weeks so far! I certainly breathe a little easier each week that passes by. We are still hoping for a few more weeks, but I am certainly not going to complain if we don't make it.

I was a fingertip dilated at my appointment, but measuring right on and the baby's little heartbeat was so nice to hear. I am having some problems with side effects of this lovely nifedipine, so my Dr wants me off it by next week. Then I am supposed to lay low for another week, slowly increasing my activity level. After my 36 week appointment I am going to try going back to work if I can until I deliver.

I am feeling a little nervous about knowing when to come in since I have been having contractions constantly since 29 weeks and have a history of fast dilation and fast labors. Plus I am GBS positive so I need to get in and get my antibiotics. I am praying that God will allow me to get to the hospital safely when it is time and trying to not worry about it.

We are going to tackle some projects around the house (I will be sitting) to get a few more things done before our little one comes. I am getting pretty excited though!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helping Hands

So I have officially been on bedrest for 1 month! This is hard to times it feels like it has been substantially longer because time seems to have slowed down quite a bit for us (well at least for the boys and I). Richard probably wouldn't feel the same way since he has been doing double duty for over a month now!

Other than the obvious praise for still being pregnant I have been overwhelmed by God's grace during these days at home alone with the boys. Sure we have had our share of "bad days" but who doesn't? The last few weeks have been wonderful. Even though it has been difficult to step back and let so many people help us and not worry about all the things I could be or should be doing, it has been nice to have this time with Richard and the boys before Bruce arrives.

Jonah and Elijah have been unbelievably good and I am sure it is only by God's grace that I have been able to stay on bedrest at home and have them here too! They have gotten into a wonderful routine of playing together during the day with minimal fighting. I have been included more often than not, but they also just want to play together some times. They have rediscovered puzzles, games, playdoh, coloring, and continued with imaginative play. We have only needed to break out the movies about 3 times!

Jonah has really stepped up in helping and will often start the morning by getting 3 cereal bowls, spoons, cups, milk, cereal, and orange juice for us. I will distribute the breakfast and the two of them will put everything away (dishes and all). Just last week I had a really rough couple of days of contractions and they boys told me they were hungry for lunch. Jonah said he probably couldn't make lunch, but they could just have PB&J's since that would be easiest and he would get all the supplies! That same day Elijah was downstairs going to the bathroom and needed his bottom wiped. I try to avoid the stairs at all each day and reserve trips down for emergencies (like wiping bottoms). I was getting myself psyched up for the walk down the stairs when Jonah stopped me and apologized. I asked him what for and he said he was sorry but he really couldn't help wipe his butt!

We also wouldn't be doing as well as we are without all the AMAZING people who have brought us meals during this time. It has been such a blessing and such a load of our shoulders to have a meal brought. Richard is then able to spend some time with the boys and focus on all the other pending tasks around the house (cleaning, laundry, etc). We also have been given a handful of frozen meals for later!

I can't forget the visits from friends, lunch, toys for the boys to borrow, movies to watch, and treats. Or the friends who have picked the boys up for a few hours for a playdate or just to get them out of our house! We continue to be humbled by God's grace by providing for us in so many ways through our generous friends and family.

Thank you again to all those helping hands! We couldn't have done it without you! We pray God will bless you immensely for your selfless acts and servant hearts.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday! We celebrated with him this weekend because my sister Nikki was home from Montana for a quick visit to see my Grandma. My sister Laura came home from college for the weekend too! It was so fun to have the whole family together. We had a delicious meal together, hung out, and shared some laughs while eating birthday cake.

Here are the boys with my dad

Singing Happy Birthday

Just Grandpa got to blow out the candles!

The boys weren't too impressed so we relit a few candles so they could have a turn too

Here is a fun pic of my sister Nikki and my Dad

We love you so much Dad and we are so blessed to call you Dad and Grandpa. It has been such a blessing to be so much closer to you and be able to see you on a regular basis! It has also been so wonderful to watch you with the boys. The absolutely adore you and have so many great memories with you already. We are looking forward to helping you celebrate many more birthdays!
Love your favorite oldest daughter!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Butt

It has been fun getting to know "Bruce" during this pregnancy. It still amazes me how different each pregnancy has been, yet how similar some things have been. One of the major differences this pregnancy has been this little one's position. For the majority of the pregnancy Bruce has been in the same general position. I think he or she has been head down lying in a C position with the back to my pelvis and legs tucked under facing to my left. Bruce also likes to stick his or her butt up on the right side of my belly. I have tried to capture a picture of this many times and by the time I get the camera Bruce moves.

However, my sister Laura was able to get a pic for me just a few days ago. It is hard to tell this from the picture but Bruce's little butt sticks way up and my belly is very lopsided. See the buldge on the right? Richard and I have been entertained by this throughout my pregnancy and I am curious to see what kind of position this little one will be comfortable in when he or she arrives.

The boys think it is fun to give the baby's butt a little tap when this happens too! After our labor scare at 29 weeks, Bruce has alternated between this position and laying sunny side up so we can feel little knees flying back and forth across my tummy. Bruce assumed this position to kick at the monitors on my belly I believe. He or she was NOT a fan of those!

The boys weren't as mobile as this little one has been. Not sure if that should worry me or not! After all the excitement little Bruce has blessed us with, we are thinking this one might give us a run for our money. We will hopefully be ready for that. Although I don't think you are ever really ready for a baby you just adjust as you go! Either way I am looking forward to seeing that little butt!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Brother Class

Last night we brought the boys to "big brother class" at the hospital we are delivering at. I have been so excited for this since we signed up months ago. The boys have been pretty excited too! Richard thought I should stay home on the couch, but I convinced him to let me come with and promised I would let him push me around in the wheelchair so we did.

The boys were supposed to bring a baby or stuffed animal with to class for the demonstration. Elijah brought his beloved "Elsie" (the puppy he sleeps with each night) and Jonah brought Pooh bear.

The "teacher" (a nurse) talked with all the kids about what to expect when the baby is born and when the baby first comes home. She did an excellent job covering all the topics from the baby's soft spot, to having tired parents from being up all night with feedings, to the umbilical cord falling off to reveal the belly button.

Here are all the kids listening to the teacher
After covering the basics on a newborn, each child got a diaper and a bottle for their baby or animal they brought with. The teacher showed them all how to hold the baby, making sure to support their neck and how to feed the baby a bottle and burp them after. Then each child practiced on their baby or animal they brought.

Elijah was trying to diaper Elsie by himself here and eventually asked for help... he is getting some help with it. Jonah had it down pretty quickly!

After this part of class we all went up to the labor and delivery unit and the teacher talked about the labor and delivery room, the bed, the crib the baby would be in and the warmer bed. Then they brought a real baby to show us! The boys thought that was pretty special.

It was so fun to watch them during the class. They were very interested in learning all about how to be a big brother and it made me teary eyed watching them diaper, feed and burp their animals. It was fun thinking about how it won't be much longer before they can practice what they have learned on their new baby brother or sister!

When we got home from class they wanted to change their animals diapers over and over, feed them bottles and put them to bed! It was adorable! I didn't think they would get into it as much as they did. They also woke up first thing this morning and did the same thing. I actually got in trouble for talking too loud because their babies were sleeping and I was going to wake them up!

Here is a fun picture of the boys showing me what they learned! (I am afraid Elijah missed the part about supporting the head well during a feeding, we might have to work on that)
Two proud big brothers anxious to meet Bruce!

I had to include this one for Bruce to look back someday and see that Elijah really was excited for him or her to come! He informed me that he was going to be able to feed the baby a bottle after learning how in his class, but wasn't changing any poopy diapers! He did say he would throw the wet ones in the garbage for me though. Either way he was truly excited to be a big brother and this was a HUGE milestone in my opinion!
I can't say I am convinced he will be as excited when the real deal is here, but oh well! Baby steps right? It will be interesting to see how "helpful" they are when the baby is here too. Either way, I am sure their will NEVER be a dull moment around our house!

33 weeks belly shot

Dear Bruce,
We made it to 33 weeks! I am so proud of us! Your daddy and I are so thankful that God has kept you safe in there for the past 4 weeks. We couldn't be happier...however, we would really LOVE it if you stayed put for a few more weeks. We know you are anxious to meet everyone and we are excited to meet you too. I also feel like I am getting bigger every day! I know you are running out of room in there, but it's really a pretty nice place to be right now.

So we hope you can stay put for a few more weeks. You gave me a little scare this morning when I was having quite a few contractions and lots of pressure! Fortunately the doctor had me come in and get checked and everything looks great. We did a non-stress test and you tolerated the contractions like a champ. My cervix is still closed (praise the Lord), and the doctor thought I could just increase my medicine that is helping keep you in there a little longer. Whew! I was pretty excited thinking about getting to meet you today, but VERY thankful that is not the case!

You are one lucky little stinker, you have lots of people who love you and pray for you every day. We also have lots of people who love us and have been taking such good care of us so you can stay put! God is so good and we are overwhelmed with the blessings we have received. We can't wait to tell you about it when you are bigger. Speaking of getting bigger... we are at 33 weeks! We love you lots and look forward to snuggling with you in a few weeks. PS, if you would kindly keep your kicks and punches directed north toward my ribs and not south toward my bladder that would be greatly appreciated.

Love always,
Your Momma

Monday, January 11, 2010

32 weeks and a prayer request

Here is the 32 week belly shot! I can hardly believe we are already here! It is such a blessing to still be pregnant and celebrating each week. I am becoming more and more curious each day to see how many more days/weeks I will be pregnant. I am also going a little crazy thinking about FINALLY finding out who is in there!

I had a great appointment wednesday and my cervix is still closed! Praise the Lord! My doctor discussed going back to work or remaining on bedrest. Her vote was for bedrest, but she did say she would support my decision if I wanted to try going back to work. I spent that day and evening praying about it and contemplating the decision. Thanks to the wisdom of my hubby, family, and wonderful friends I decided to stay on bedrest for at least 2 more weeks.

I prayed God would make it obvious. He sure did. I started contracting the next day (Thurs) and haven't had much of a break since. A wonderful friend also pointed out to me (Thanks Joey) that I had nothing to gain by trying to work again and would definitely regret going into labor so early.

So I am back to the couch and feel even more restricted than before since my contractions seem to be a little worse, more frequent, and more related to my activity. I am thankful for Nifedipine though! Despite making me feel yucky all the time, it is working to slow down and minimize the contractions.

Richard continues to be wonderful doing EVERYTHING and the boys are enjoying the extra time with me home and are "taking care of me" while daddy is at work! I might be using up all my "helper" points with them before the baby comes, but so be it!

We have been overwhelmed by the blessings from family and friends who have stopped by for visits, brought meals, or simply called to keep me from going CRAZY!!!!! It has been a little disappointing to know I am using up my maternity leave waiting for Bruce to make his or her debut

Please pray for continued wisdom for myself and the doctor as we take it one week at a time. Also please continue to pray for safety of this little one when the big day comes!

I also have another prayer request for my grandmother.
My dad's mother has been battling cancer for 5 years now. She is one tough cookie and continues to amaze us all with her strength, positive attitude, and ability to brighten any room with her smiles. Last wednesday she found a lump in her abdomen and a CT scan confirmed it was colon cancer.

She had surgery yesterday to place a stoma which is when the surgeon creates an opening in wall of the abdomen connecting her bowels to it. They did this to bypass the tumor that is quickly invading her organs. She has a very weakened immune system already from her years of treatments already and has been needing frequent (at least weekly) blood transfusions for quite some time. The surgeon was discouraged by how quickly this mass is metastasizing throughout her body and are very unsure of how much time she may have left.

She is 87 years old and amazingly healthy despite all she has been through. Mentally and emotionally she is sharp as a tack. The physicians feel it will only be a matter of weeks, but she has continued to defy all odds of medicine until this point. My dad and his siblings are trying to find the best way to keep her comfortable and look at managing her pain at this point.

Her husband, my grandpa, is 93 and was moved to an assisted living facility this fall since my grandmother was no longer able to care for him as much and he had fallen a few times. He is also unbelievably healthy and has just started to show some signs of dementia. We aren't sure how much of all this he understands, but we know it is hard for him too!

The best part of it all is that she is a believer and we know she will be in a much better place when the Lord does call her home. However, it is still hard to watch her like this and not know what to expect.

Please keep her in your prayers and my family as well. They were able to spend lots of time with her this past weekend and are taking turns being with her for "shifts" now that the work week has started again. Pray for continued wisdom as her children support her wishes and try make her as comfortable as possible. Pray for her as well that she will have the strength to endure what lies ahead. We know God is in control and His plan is perfect.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

I wanted to write these comments down before I forgot them. The boys have been saying such adorable things related to my pregnancy, bedrest, etc. I just couldn't help sharing them with you!

(We have read a book to the boys about childbirth that compares the birth canal to a tunnel)

Elijah: Mom, does the baby need a flashlight to come out?
Me: What do you mean buddy?
Elijah: Will the baby be able to find it's way out the tunnel without a flashlight? The tunnel is dark and how will the baby know which way to go?
Me: Nope, the baby won't need a flashlight, it will know which way to go.

Elijah: Mom what's that house called again?
Me: What house Elijah?
Elijah: The house that the baby is in?
Me: My uterus?
Elijah: Oh yeah, the ooterus. Is it warm in there mommy?
Me: Yeah, it sure is buddy.
Elijah: Good, 'cause I don't want my baby to get cold!

(After I was in the hospital for preterm labor Elijah and I had the following conversation the next day)

Elijah: Mom, are you feeling better?
Me: Yep, I am buddy, thanks for asking?
Elijah: Mom, did the baby try to come out the tunnel too soon?
Me: Yes it did Elijah.
Elijah: But, you told the baby to stay in there?
Me: Yes I did and we prayed for God to help the baby stay in mommy's tummy longer.
Elijah: Oh, so it is a good listener. That is good!

Jonah: Mom, will your tummy be like this forever?
Me: No, it will get smaller after the baby comes out.
Jonah: Oh, so it will be flat right away, after the baby comes out the tunnel?
Me: No, it will take a little while, but it will be smaller after the baby comes out.
Jonah: Oh, that's too bad. I kind of like your big tummy.

(Since being on bedrest I haven't been able to pick the boys up, go down stairs very often, etc)

Jonah: Mom will you be back to normal after the baby is born?
Me: What do you mean buddy?
Jonah: Like will you be able to do mommy stuff again?
Me: Like what kind of things are you talking about?
Jonah: Like snuggling in my bed (he is on the top bunk), holding me, going down the stairs, and not sitting on the couch all the time.
Me: Yep, I should be able to do most of those things again, maybe not right away, but I will.
Jonah: Will you be done puking and peeing all the time and be able to remember stuff again?
Me: Yep, I sure hope so buddy!
Jonah: Oh, that is good! I sure am glad you won't be silly forever!


Being Thankful

Don't you love it when you are convicted of something and while your heart is wrestling with the conviction God helps you by opening your eyes via a song, specific scripture during quiet time, sermon at church, or a phone call from a friend?

Even though it kind of makes me want to cower like a 2 year old being punished for something I did wrong, it is so uplifting at the same time. It is so humbling and encouraging that the Lord cares enough about me to do just that...let me know He cares.

I have been struggling recently with feelings of stress, anxiety, lack of control (which I don't ever have problems with of course), and frustration about being on bedrest. If you know me at all, you won't be surprised by this frustration with my lack of control over the situation. I feel totally helpless and pretty much like a bum. My WONDERFUL husband has been working overtime at home to fulfill ALL our needs. He is cooking, cleaning, caring for me and the kids on top of working and trying to maintain order in our home. He is doing a fabulous job by the way! But, it is hard to watch him having to take this all on and not be able to help!

My family has been so great too, helping out so much with the boys, running errands, and just keeping me company and forcing me to sit with my feet up. My friends have also been generous as well making meals, stopping by to help out and for visits, calling, texting or emailing. I feel like a prisoner and they all have no idea how much it means to me to have them take time from their busy schedules just to show me they love me!

Last week I was feeling overwhelmed by all the unknowns, my lack of control, and the stress of how are we going to make it if this continues? My husband listened to me rant and rave and calmly reminded me that instead of spending my time worrying I should be thinking of all the reasons why I am thankful for my present situation. Huh? Maybe I am a minority, but that certainly isn't my first response to a time like this. It should be, but it isn't.

However, once I started listing off all the things to be thankful for regarding my current situation, I could feel the Lord filling the darkness inside of me with light! So instead of worrying about how the money will stretch far enough, or if our baby will make it weeks more before delivery, or how much longer the boys are going to make it before they crack, I am being thankful.

I am thankful that...
  1. First of all that this is God's plan for me, our child, and our family. Even though this wasn't my plan, it is the best one because it is His.
  2. Our baby has tolerated this whole ordeal beautifully! He or she has never been in distress or showing signs of being compromised. PRAISE the LORD!!!!!
  3. Even though I am not working, I do have some time saved for maternity leave and am still getting a pay check for the time being.
  4. The boys have been struggling with this change, but are really handling it marvelously.
  5. I am in my own home on bedrest and not in the hospital!
  6. I can get up and move around my house a little bit, still able to shower each day, and still able to care for my kiddos (even if it is modified).
  7. I have an amazing support system including my family and friends who have been angels during all this
  8. My health is fine and I do not have any compromising factors that could complicate this bedrest/pregnancy even more!
  9. I am almost 32 weeks (Thursday) and that itself is amazing!
  10. God is in control!
So should I have been surprised that the sermon on Sunday was about being thankful in EVERY circumstance? Probably not. I was overwhelmed with tears and thankfulness as I was directed to verse after verse after verse in the bible referring to this exact command. God is good. I am thankful for that.

I pray I am able to continue this more positive and gracious way of thinking as I continue down this road with unknown turns, stops, valleys, and mountains. I am only able to do this with the strength of Christ.

I will also sure be thankful to hold this little bugger who has been causing all this excitement (whenever that may be). I am hoping that it will be later, but am still looking forward to it!