Friday, January 22, 2010

Staying Busy

The boys and I have been staying busy during my bedrest. Even though it has been frustrating to just sit and not be able to "get stuff done" it has been wonderful to spend some quality time with the boys playing. Our days have been filled with legos, play doh, puzzles, games, books, and imaginative play (I get to be sleeping beauty often). I thought I should post a few pics of us playing together...

Here is Jonah showing off our play doh and lego creations

Here are just a few puzzles we put together. I wanted to do ALL the puzzles in our closet, but the boys lost interest so we stopped after these ones.

This is just a fun picture of the trees one morning when we woke up.
I wish I could be working now and using my maternity leave when our baby is here instead of now, but it has been a blessing to spend this time with the boys before this little one is born and turns their world upside down!

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