Tuesday, January 26, 2010


These pictures don't quite do the transformation that occurred in our house this weekend justice. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture before we started cleaning out the office to transform it into a nursery. If you remember the cleaning spree I went on in November though, this is a picture of the office then. Unfortunately it looked worse now!

Either way, Richard and I spent the day on Saturday cleaning out, organizing, and moving furniture (Richard did that part) out of the office. We were able to fit the twin bed, desk, and filing cabinet all in the spare bedroom in the basement.

Here is a before pic of the office (looking in from the doorway)...

Here is the after picture of the nursery...

Another before shot of the office...

and now the nursery!

One last angle of the office...
and now Bruce's room!

Richard has been so great during the entire time I have been on bedrest (we are going on 6 weeks of it) and I have been humbled by his servant heart and the unconditional love he has shown all of us. I know how much work it takes to keep the house going (laundry, cleaning, the boys, meals, etc) and on top of all that he has been working full time!

He helped me clean out the office on Saturday and then yesterday he had a snow day due to the lovely blizzard that came through Grand Forks. The boys and I spent the morning home with him and then headed to my parents for the afternoon so he could put the crib together during nap time. He surprised me by moving some other furniture into the nursery and making it nice and cozy for little Bruce. I am one blessed wife!

We are now at a standstill until we get to find out who Bruce really is. If this little one is a girl the room will be transformed into a pink paradise with this bedding and if this little one is a boy my mom is going to make some fun crib bedding for me. I saw some cute black and white polka dot bedding we could copy and will maybe paint the room green.

We will probably paint the dresser in the baby's room too. I was originally thinking white, but Richard suggested we use the same color that we used for the trim. It is called cloth and it is in between a white and a cream. My mom also offered to make us some new curtains for the baby's room since the ones that are in there now are so beautiful! I am also hoping for a gliding rocking chair since the one we have in there now isn't breastfeeding compatible.

It is surreal to walk by the room and see it ready for this little one. It is also fun to be able to put baby things in there that I have been digging out of storage! My mom washed a few loads of baby clothes/blankets for me this weekend and I am looking forward to putting them away today too!

I am sure the room won't be "finished" for quite some time after this little one makes his or her debut. I am in love with it though! Thanks Richard, it will be a wonderful room to welcome Bruce home to.

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