Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Butt

It has been fun getting to know "Bruce" during this pregnancy. It still amazes me how different each pregnancy has been, yet how similar some things have been. One of the major differences this pregnancy has been this little one's position. For the majority of the pregnancy Bruce has been in the same general position. I think he or she has been head down lying in a C position with the back to my pelvis and legs tucked under facing to my left. Bruce also likes to stick his or her butt up on the right side of my belly. I have tried to capture a picture of this many times and by the time I get the camera Bruce moves.

However, my sister Laura was able to get a pic for me just a few days ago. It is hard to tell this from the picture but Bruce's little butt sticks way up and my belly is very lopsided. See the buldge on the right? Richard and I have been entertained by this throughout my pregnancy and I am curious to see what kind of position this little one will be comfortable in when he or she arrives.

The boys think it is fun to give the baby's butt a little tap when this happens too! After our labor scare at 29 weeks, Bruce has alternated between this position and laying sunny side up so we can feel little knees flying back and forth across my tummy. Bruce assumed this position to kick at the monitors on my belly I believe. He or she was NOT a fan of those!

The boys weren't as mobile as this little one has been. Not sure if that should worry me or not! After all the excitement little Bruce has blessed us with, we are thinking this one might give us a run for our money. We will hopefully be ready for that. Although I don't think you are ever really ready for a baby you just adjust as you go! Either way I am looking forward to seeing that little butt!

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