Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

I wanted to write these comments down before I forgot them. The boys have been saying such adorable things related to my pregnancy, bedrest, etc. I just couldn't help sharing them with you!

(We have read a book to the boys about childbirth that compares the birth canal to a tunnel)

Elijah: Mom, does the baby need a flashlight to come out?
Me: What do you mean buddy?
Elijah: Will the baby be able to find it's way out the tunnel without a flashlight? The tunnel is dark and how will the baby know which way to go?
Me: Nope, the baby won't need a flashlight, it will know which way to go.

Elijah: Mom what's that house called again?
Me: What house Elijah?
Elijah: The house that the baby is in?
Me: My uterus?
Elijah: Oh yeah, the ooterus. Is it warm in there mommy?
Me: Yeah, it sure is buddy.
Elijah: Good, 'cause I don't want my baby to get cold!

(After I was in the hospital for preterm labor Elijah and I had the following conversation the next day)

Elijah: Mom, are you feeling better?
Me: Yep, I am buddy, thanks for asking?
Elijah: Mom, did the baby try to come out the tunnel too soon?
Me: Yes it did Elijah.
Elijah: But, you told the baby to stay in there?
Me: Yes I did and we prayed for God to help the baby stay in mommy's tummy longer.
Elijah: Oh, so it is a good listener. That is good!

Jonah: Mom, will your tummy be like this forever?
Me: No, it will get smaller after the baby comes out.
Jonah: Oh, so it will be flat right away, after the baby comes out the tunnel?
Me: No, it will take a little while, but it will be smaller after the baby comes out.
Jonah: Oh, that's too bad. I kind of like your big tummy.

(Since being on bedrest I haven't been able to pick the boys up, go down stairs very often, etc)

Jonah: Mom will you be back to normal after the baby is born?
Me: What do you mean buddy?
Jonah: Like will you be able to do mommy stuff again?
Me: Like what kind of things are you talking about?
Jonah: Like snuggling in my bed (he is on the top bunk), holding me, going down the stairs, and not sitting on the couch all the time.
Me: Yep, I should be able to do most of those things again, maybe not right away, but I will.
Jonah: Will you be done puking and peeing all the time and be able to remember stuff again?
Me: Yep, I sure hope so buddy!
Jonah: Oh, that is good! I sure am glad you won't be silly forever!


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