Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giggling Girlie

With the help of my wonderful assistant Jonah I was able to capture Olivia giggling on video.

It is pretty adorable & contagious.

However, Elijah's commentary in the background made me start laughing even  harder.

(Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the page first)

Yes, he does ask Jonah to put a mustache on Olivia.

They have a kids camera that allows you to draw on your subjects.

Good news for Olivia...Jonah was using my camera & not the kids one!

4th Child Syndrome

Last night Olivia rolled from her stomach to her back.

And the only witness was Isaac who was eating a bowl of ice cream at the kitchen table a few feet away!

I had placed her on her stomach for some tummy time while I switched a load of laundry, the big boys were brushing their teeth, and Richard was taking out his contacts. 

Richard heard her start crying and found her on her back.

If there is anything this sweet baby doesn't like it is lying on her back. 

She prefers to be upright (in a bouncy chair, on her stomach, or being held)

When we all discovered that she had rolled to her back we excitedly rushed to her and realized we all had missed this milestone.

We crowded around her and praised her for this.

Jonah was sure she was going to start crawling by today since he knew rolling over came before that.

Isaac was happily eating his ice cream and oblivious to anything else going on. 

When I asked him if he saw Olivia roll over he said, "um......Yeah!"

I might have believed him if he didn't have a bowl of ice cream in front of him.

In fact, I might have been suspicious that he assisted her in moving from her stomach to her back if he wasn't preoccupied. 

So poor Olivia rolled over and we all missed it.

Sorry baby girl, but for the record you spend 90% of your time safe in my arms during the day.

So, it is ironic that we missed this.

Either way we are proud of you baby girl!

Next time maybe you could wait for an audience.

Here's to hoping I don't miss anymore.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cherishing these moments

I have been feeling God urging me to slow down a little and cherish these moments of mass chaos with 4 small children....too soon they will be grown and gone and I am sure I will miss the little things. 

I will miss...

 my 2 cute littlest ones sharing a moment on the couch

My little lady rocking tummy time

Jonah carrying around Olivia (he loves to do this and while it makes my heart skip a few beats when he does it, it sure makes him feel helpful)

A sweet baby snuggled up for a walk on a "warm" winter day (37 degrees)

A silly almost 2 year old

My 3 boys flocking to their baby sister whenever she is put down

Saturday morning snuggling while watching a movie

My boys going sledding with their dad (they have been begging to do this for weeks and finally got to go...we had to wait for enough snow)

I know I will miss these moments so I am taking a little more time to cherish them while they last.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I bought my first girlie toy for Olivia and it was appropriately called Pretty in Pink.

It is a jungle gym/play mat.

We had a great one that the boys all used but Isaac destroyed it as he would swing his legs up and push the bars down.  Sadly we had to throw it after he was "done" with it. 

Olivia is starting to reach out and touch things near her and needs to work on tummy time more. 

The hard part is that it really isn't safe for her to be on the floor unless someone is right beside her protecting her from her brothers, soaring balls, racing hot wheels, flying superheroes or blocks from a tower that has been destroyed by Isaaczilla.

So if she is lying on the floor under an object that sticks up a bit she is a little safer.

She is enjoying her new toy but does get scared of it at times.

Guess she better get used to life with boys.

This weekend she will be indoctrinated when I go back to work! 

(Tears for going back to work)

I reassured her that we would see each other for feedings every once & awhile so she technically won't be the only girl in the house.

She will get lots of time with daddy this weekend and he does a better job than I do with them all I think.

Next week she will be in good hands at the babysitters 
(we couldn't ask for a better babysitter than Helen).

I know she will have lots of people to love on her when I can't.

It is still hard to leave her though.

Isn't it funny that she has only been here for a little under 3 months but it feels like forever?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cup of Joe

So anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE Starbucks and Caribou!

I am also a chocolate lover.

My favorite drink at either place is definitely a mocha and I am also a fan of adding flavor to it....peppermint, almond, carmel, etc.

So you could say I like it doctored up a bit. 

(Oh and I don't turn whip cream away either)

Every day Richard has multiple a few cups of coffee.

He likes his coffee bold and black (boring).

If I drank that I would have heart palpitations for the day, and be sweaty and nauseous.

Since that is such a fun way to spend the day, I choose not to drink it like that.

Since coffee at either Starbucks or Caribou is a bit pricey, has a few calories (the way I like it) and requires you to drive there (I am still thinking about writing Mr Starbucks and suggesting he add delivery) I am going to have to find another way to jump start my morning and be ready to battle the days filled with energy filled boys and motherly responsibilities. 

So when I drink Richard's coffee I warm up a coffee mug 3/4 full of milk, add about a 1/4 of coffee and my mom's delicious peppermint cocoa mix and sometimes a bit of powdered cappuccino mix. 

Richard has started making a snitch extra coffee for me on occasions since he knows I need it and I think he is secretly trying to keep me from Starbucks or Caribou.

Today I was dragging after a rough night's sleep due to a fabulous cold I picked up from some germy kids that live in our house my boys. 

I don't even know how to operate the coffee machine so after texting Richard for the directions I brewed myself a few cups. 

Then I decided that it might be a 1/2 cup coffee to 1/2 cup cocoa day...so I warmed up only 1/2 a cup of milk and got out the peppermint cocoa and cappucino mix.

Elijah saw me and asked if he could have some hot chocolate too.

I told him I was making coffee and he came closer to examine the process.

He watched me add the coffee to my warm milk and add deliciousness to it via peppermint cocoa and cappucino.

After I stirred it up he said, "Mom, I think you must still have a mushy brain from having a baby in your tummy so many times...that cup has lots of other things and just a little bit of coffee.  Is it still called coffee if that is the smallest thing you have in there ?"

I guess he is right and we decided I was actually drinking hot chocolate with a splash of coffee.

Either way it was just what I needed.

So, in a perfect world I would drink Starbucks or Caribou daily, that was delivered to my house, be 20 pounds lighter and have a money tree in the backyard to fund my expensive habit. 

Since none of the above things are true, I suppose I while have to settle for a cup of hot chocolate with a splash of coffee instead. 

It's no starbucks but it does the trick.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Spy

I Spy with my little eye...

One almost 2 year old who can't stop kissing his baby sister

3 boys playing so nice together

 One little man who loves his momma

One little lady talking to her daddy

One little lady ready to hit the slopes

One great "helper" making popcorn with daddy

 One little lady snuggling with her Auntie

One little lady snuggling with her other Auntie

One sleeping baby girl

One big brother loving his little sister

One little lady with stripey tights and a mini skirt

One little man ready to play in the snow

2 brothers shoveling

And one ninja...

fighting bad guys

What do you spy?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



What I used to clean up a bowl of cereal that mysteriously landed on the floor, covering an impressive amount of floor, wall and chair with milk and cereal.


What I used to clean up my child after a large poopy diaper 
that managed to cover his legs and up his back. Good Morning to me.


What I used to shower with pretending I was at a resort somewhere far away where it is warm and tropical and I needed to hurry to the spa to get a much needed pedicure.


What I used to wash the rugs and towel that the above mentioned child peed on 
when he climbed out of the tub while I was checking on his baby sister.


What I used to clean up milk from an independent 22 month old who was "making chocolate milk"


What I used to make tea that I reheated 10 times before drinking it 
while pretending it was a grande mocha instead.


What I used to clean up Miss Olivia when I found her covered in puke when she woke up.


What I used to clean up the chocolate milk that ended up all over
 Miss Olivia while Isaac was "helping" me get her dressed.


What would I do without you???  And it's only 9 am!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

He's A 2 Shoe Guy

We had some GREAT news today!!!!!

Elijah gets to wear 2 shoes again!

(Yes, this picture is fuzzy since it was taken from my phone)

We had our last appointment with the Orthopedic Dr this morning and we traded Elijah's walking cast for his shoe!  I am not sure who was more excited...me or him!

We had some strangers in the waiting room who saw Elijah come in optimistically holding his other shoe and they asked him if he was hoping to leave wearing it.

He told them he was, but mostly he wanted to put on his snowboots and play in the snow!

They wished him good luck when his name was called and they cheered when he walked out into the waiting room wearing both shoes!

We celebrated by getting a hot chocolate, coffee, and cookie at Starbucks. 

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

He is supposed to take it easy, slowly start walking on it and...

stay OFF the roof!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tutu Cute 2 Month Old

Miss Olivia
You are TuTu Cute and 2 Months Old!

You still remain our best baby and smallest one as well. 

Your big brothers had you by a few pounds at 2 months, and were a tad bit longer.

On your 2 month birthday, in the hospital, you weighed 10lbs 14.6oz.

You are just starting to wear 3-6 month clothing, but only because you are quite long.

You can still fit into quite a few of your 0-3 month clothes and your feet remain teeny
 (compared to your brothers).  Which is only sad because I have some 
pretty cute shoes for you to wear when they get bigger!  

You are enjoying the swing, mobile from Grandma Teresa, and Ocean bouncy chair.

You also really like being wrapped in the Moby wrap or Baby Hawk 
and being carried around with me during the day.   This makes life a little more manageable 
and I certainly don't mind you being so close either.

I can't believe how much you have changed already and how alert and active you are becoming each day.  You are a very social lady and enjoy cooing and talking to us. 

You are also starting so smile more and becoming a little less stingy with who you smile at. 

  You are still the best sleeping baby (at night) we have ever had. Before you were sick, you were sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches at night!

 You seem to be embracing the "fourth child syndrome" magnificently. You have a very laid back personality and are so great about having to share your momma with 3 brothers. 

You also are pretty tolerant of me playing dress up with you...

I just can't resist...the leg warmers, head bands, and tutus...

I am a little worried you will decide these girlie things aren't for you when you develop an opinion, so I am going to make the next couple of years count...

The torture session photo shoot was fun...

well for me at least...

I think you eventually gave up fighting me

When I took your monthly pics on the blanket you were less than impressed

You may have asked Isaac to save you from the torture session fun

Ahhhh, relaxing in between pictures. 

After I took your tutu off you looked like you were going to punch me...

All done!

Miss Olivia,
    I am sorry it has been so crazy around here, but I guess that is just how it's going to be.  I am not looking forward to leaving you and heading back to work in a few weeks.  However, I do know you will be in great hands at Helen's house and get lots of snuggling in!

    You have blessed our home with lots of pink and sweetness.  We love you lots and wish we could slow time down and enjoy you being so small just a little longer, however it is sure fun to see you interacting more with everyone and everything.  Your big brothers are anxious for you to get big enough to "play" with and I think your daddy feels the same way ;0)

     I am excited to watch your little personality continue to develop.  I am also praying we can keep you healthy through the winter months!  Keep sleeping, growing and staying sweet!

Love Your Mommy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

My New Years resolution is going to involve LOTS of sangria if this year continues like last year ended.

We have had quite the year....and the past 2 months have been far from eventful.

We fortunately only spent a little over 24 hours in the hospital from RSV and have been able to be home doing breathing treatments every 2 to 3 hours. 

While I am exhausted from little sleep due to this poor little lady being sick...

I am thankful we are not ringing in the new year in the hospital as I was teary eyed looking at this sweet thing hooked up to her IV and monitors.

Compared to what I have seen too many families experience in the NICU, our "adventurous past 2 months" have been nothing compared to what they have experienced and for that I am grateful!

I suppose Olivia wins an award for being the first Dafoe kiddo to be hospitalized...I am sure her dad has a comment about little girls being more expensive than boys!

Don't worry Olivia, it wasn't your fault and you are certainly worth any silly hospital bill that will be coming our way soon enough.

Plus, when you get older we can take a girls shopping trip to Minneapolis and show your dad what expensive is all about!

She has been a trooper and is all smiles now!

Well mostly all smiles, she is still struggling with her nasty cough and puking after eating from it.

I know I have already mentioned this, but I feel it is necessary to say it again...

THANK YOU to my fabulous family who has helped us immensely during the past 2 adventurous months especially.  My mom was super grandma and had the 3 boys at her house while I was in the hospital with Liv and home playing nurse to a pretty adorable patient ;0) My Dad was also a good sport about it all and helped too!

I also need to thank everyone else who has helped us out, but I would like to devote an entire post to that...so for now this quick one will have to do. 

Please know we have appreciated every text, email, phone call, 
visit, meal, and treat that we have been blessed with.  

We pray you are all ringing in the new year with a healthy and happy family. 

We are enjoying our energy filled family of 6 and have already warned Jonah that he is the only one who hasn't had anything happen to him yet so he needs to be careful (especially since the new year has started and our deductibles are starting over)

Happy New Year!!!!  We are praying 2012 is less exciting than the end of 2011 has been for us!!!!