Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I bought my first girlie toy for Olivia and it was appropriately called Pretty in Pink.

It is a jungle gym/play mat.

We had a great one that the boys all used but Isaac destroyed it as he would swing his legs up and push the bars down.  Sadly we had to throw it after he was "done" with it. 

Olivia is starting to reach out and touch things near her and needs to work on tummy time more. 

The hard part is that it really isn't safe for her to be on the floor unless someone is right beside her protecting her from her brothers, soaring balls, racing hot wheels, flying superheroes or blocks from a tower that has been destroyed by Isaaczilla.

So if she is lying on the floor under an object that sticks up a bit she is a little safer.

She is enjoying her new toy but does get scared of it at times.

Guess she better get used to life with boys.

This weekend she will be indoctrinated when I go back to work! 

(Tears for going back to work)

I reassured her that we would see each other for feedings every once & awhile so she technically won't be the only girl in the house.

She will get lots of time with daddy this weekend and he does a better job than I do with them all I think.

Next week she will be in good hands at the babysitters 
(we couldn't ask for a better babysitter than Helen).

I know she will have lots of people to love on her when I can't.

It is still hard to leave her though.

Isn't it funny that she has only been here for a little under 3 months but it feels like forever?

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