Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4th Child Syndrome

Last night Olivia rolled from her stomach to her back.

And the only witness was Isaac who was eating a bowl of ice cream at the kitchen table a few feet away!

I had placed her on her stomach for some tummy time while I switched a load of laundry, the big boys were brushing their teeth, and Richard was taking out his contacts. 

Richard heard her start crying and found her on her back.

If there is anything this sweet baby doesn't like it is lying on her back. 

She prefers to be upright (in a bouncy chair, on her stomach, or being held)

When we all discovered that she had rolled to her back we excitedly rushed to her and realized we all had missed this milestone.

We crowded around her and praised her for this.

Jonah was sure she was going to start crawling by today since he knew rolling over came before that.

Isaac was happily eating his ice cream and oblivious to anything else going on. 

When I asked him if he saw Olivia roll over he said, "um......Yeah!"

I might have believed him if he didn't have a bowl of ice cream in front of him.

In fact, I might have been suspicious that he assisted her in moving from her stomach to her back if he wasn't preoccupied. 

So poor Olivia rolled over and we all missed it.

Sorry baby girl, but for the record you spend 90% of your time safe in my arms during the day.

So, it is ironic that we missed this.

Either way we are proud of you baby girl!

Next time maybe you could wait for an audience.

Here's to hoping I don't miss anymore.

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