Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tutu Cute 2 Month Old

Miss Olivia
You are TuTu Cute and 2 Months Old!

You still remain our best baby and smallest one as well. 

Your big brothers had you by a few pounds at 2 months, and were a tad bit longer.

On your 2 month birthday, in the hospital, you weighed 10lbs 14.6oz.

You are just starting to wear 3-6 month clothing, but only because you are quite long.

You can still fit into quite a few of your 0-3 month clothes and your feet remain teeny
 (compared to your brothers).  Which is only sad because I have some 
pretty cute shoes for you to wear when they get bigger!  

You are enjoying the swing, mobile from Grandma Teresa, and Ocean bouncy chair.

You also really like being wrapped in the Moby wrap or Baby Hawk 
and being carried around with me during the day.   This makes life a little more manageable 
and I certainly don't mind you being so close either.

I can't believe how much you have changed already and how alert and active you are becoming each day.  You are a very social lady and enjoy cooing and talking to us. 

You are also starting so smile more and becoming a little less stingy with who you smile at. 

  You are still the best sleeping baby (at night) we have ever had. Before you were sick, you were sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches at night!

 You seem to be embracing the "fourth child syndrome" magnificently. You have a very laid back personality and are so great about having to share your momma with 3 brothers. 

You also are pretty tolerant of me playing dress up with you...

I just can't resist...the leg warmers, head bands, and tutus...

I am a little worried you will decide these girlie things aren't for you when you develop an opinion, so I am going to make the next couple of years count...

The torture session photo shoot was fun...

well for me at least...

I think you eventually gave up fighting me

When I took your monthly pics on the blanket you were less than impressed

You may have asked Isaac to save you from the torture session fun

Ahhhh, relaxing in between pictures. 

After I took your tutu off you looked like you were going to punch me...

All done!

Miss Olivia,
    I am sorry it has been so crazy around here, but I guess that is just how it's going to be.  I am not looking forward to leaving you and heading back to work in a few weeks.  However, I do know you will be in great hands at Helen's house and get lots of snuggling in!

    You have blessed our home with lots of pink and sweetness.  We love you lots and wish we could slow time down and enjoy you being so small just a little longer, however it is sure fun to see you interacting more with everyone and everything.  Your big brothers are anxious for you to get big enough to "play" with and I think your daddy feels the same way ;0)

     I am excited to watch your little personality continue to develop.  I am also praying we can keep you healthy through the winter months!  Keep sleeping, growing and staying sweet!

Love Your Mommy

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