Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cherishing these moments

I have been feeling God urging me to slow down a little and cherish these moments of mass chaos with 4 small children....too soon they will be grown and gone and I am sure I will miss the little things. 

I will miss...

 my 2 cute littlest ones sharing a moment on the couch

My little lady rocking tummy time

Jonah carrying around Olivia (he loves to do this and while it makes my heart skip a few beats when he does it, it sure makes him feel helpful)

A sweet baby snuggled up for a walk on a "warm" winter day (37 degrees)

A silly almost 2 year old

My 3 boys flocking to their baby sister whenever she is put down

Saturday morning snuggling while watching a movie

My boys going sledding with their dad (they have been begging to do this for weeks and finally got to go...we had to wait for enough snow)

I know I will miss these moments so I am taking a little more time to cherish them while they last.

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