Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

My New Years resolution is going to involve LOTS of sangria if this year continues like last year ended.

We have had quite the year....and the past 2 months have been far from eventful.

We fortunately only spent a little over 24 hours in the hospital from RSV and have been able to be home doing breathing treatments every 2 to 3 hours. 

While I am exhausted from little sleep due to this poor little lady being sick...

I am thankful we are not ringing in the new year in the hospital as I was teary eyed looking at this sweet thing hooked up to her IV and monitors.

Compared to what I have seen too many families experience in the NICU, our "adventurous past 2 months" have been nothing compared to what they have experienced and for that I am grateful!

I suppose Olivia wins an award for being the first Dafoe kiddo to be hospitalized...I am sure her dad has a comment about little girls being more expensive than boys!

Don't worry Olivia, it wasn't your fault and you are certainly worth any silly hospital bill that will be coming our way soon enough.

Plus, when you get older we can take a girls shopping trip to Minneapolis and show your dad what expensive is all about!

She has been a trooper and is all smiles now!

Well mostly all smiles, she is still struggling with her nasty cough and puking after eating from it.

I know I have already mentioned this, but I feel it is necessary to say it again...

THANK YOU to my fabulous family who has helped us immensely during the past 2 adventurous months especially.  My mom was super grandma and had the 3 boys at her house while I was in the hospital with Liv and home playing nurse to a pretty adorable patient ;0) My Dad was also a good sport about it all and helped too!

I also need to thank everyone else who has helped us out, but I would like to devote an entire post to for now this quick one will have to do. 

Please know we have appreciated every text, email, phone call, 
visit, meal, and treat that we have been blessed with.  

We pray you are all ringing in the new year with a healthy and happy family. 

We are enjoying our energy filled family of 6 and have already warned Jonah that he is the only one who hasn't had anything happen to him yet so he needs to be careful (especially since the new year has started and our deductibles are starting over)

Happy New Year!!!!  We are praying 2012 is less exciting than the end of 2011 has been for us!!!!

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