Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seven Years Old!

Today we have a 7 year old in our house!

Yikes! Where has the time gone? 

Our sweet Jonah would be celebrating his birthday on the road to Minneapolis.

We were planning on traveling to spend the weekend there as Richard is in a wedding of a good friend of ours from Iowa.  However, Miss Olivia is going to keep us home.

We just realized that Jonah has celebrated his birthday in a different place almost every year!

Jonah, I can't believe you are already 7!  

 It seems like just yesterday you were this fuzzy almost 9 lb bundle of joy that made me a momma for the first time and that we couldn't get enough of!

Or this BUSY, walking, talking, sweet 1 year old in Mexico!

 (we had cake in Grand Forks when we got back from Mexico)

Or this proud big brother turning 2 in Iowa City

Or this curious, loveable 3 year old (also in Iowa City)

Or this wonderful 4 year old in Grand Forks

Or this flexible, caring helper turning 5 in Grand Forks (I was on bedrest with Isaac so we had to modify the birthday celebration a bit and he was a trooper)

Or this kindergartener turning 6 in Arizona!

And now you will be turning 7 in Grand Forks again!

            I have been so amazed at how much you have grown over the years. You have a loving, caring, compassionate and sensitive heart.  You are a fantastic helper around the house and have really stepped up to the plate over the past 6 weeks as we have transitioned to life with Miss Olivia, Isaaczilla, and broken footed Elijah.  

          You are taking on more responsibility and  continue to excel in school and provide us with raving reports from your teacher, friends, and family about your great manners and desire to help others!  

         You LOVE to read and I often find you with your nose in a book ;0) You also love to discover how things work.  You are often not satisfied until you have explored something and are able to  get most of your questions answered.  You also love to be outside riding your bike and playing with your brothers.  You are in love with your sister Olivia and do a great job helping me out by holding her, reading to her, singing to her or walking with her a bit while I am helping your brothers. 

       You have transitioned to life in the basement in your "own" room very well!  You are enjoying your space and doing a great job keeping it picked up.  

        You have also recently become very interested in reading your bible more and learning about Jesus' life and teachings.  Your name means "declarer of Joy" and I pray God is able to use you to do just that as you grow through the years. 

       You enjoy playing legos, doing puzzles, reading, playing games (especially apples to apples and monopoly), playing with your brothers, or snuggling with us to watch a movie. 

      Happy Birthday Jonah!  We love you so much and pray you feel blessed and loved today as we celebrate the amazing gift we were given 7 years ago! 

       Dad, Mom, Elijah, Isaac and Olivia

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