Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve that started bright (well actually it was still dark) and early!

Isaac was up well before 7 and Jonah joined us shortly after for Jungle book 2

We enjoyed the tree and presents...

Played a few Christmas tunes...

Skyped with Grandma Irene in California so she could watch the boys open their presents and we could wish her a Merry Christmas

Opening presents from Grandma 'Renie

Olivia rested while we celebrated!

Playing a new game from Grandma! 

More skyping with Grandma

Reading a new book from Grandma

Olivia relaxing with Mom

We made a birthday cake for Jesus (that didn't turn out quite as good as it usually does...might be from my 3 extra helpers...hard to say)

We enjoyed appetizers with our friend Becky who was working over the holiday and home alone

Then we opened some more presents...

The boys modeling their new pjs and robes

This picture is from 3 years ago when we gave them the robes that they have been wearing as a shirt for quite some time...

Olivia was snug as a bug in her "My First Christmas Pjs"

Poor Elijah thought this was the worst Christmas he had ever had when he opened books, pjs and clothes before opening his toy from us.  After opening the toy, it became the best Christmas ever!

Here are our 4 blessings in their new pjs

Our Family of 6 on Christmas Eve

Me and my 2 smallest kiddos

Isaac got a new dump truck from us and was sooooo excited.  He also used it as a cup holder for his chocolate milk when reading stories before bed.  He gladly accepted Elijah's old robe as a hand me down and looked pretty cute in it, despite it being a few sizes too big!

Miss Olivia stayed up and partied until 11, but then gave me the best Christmas present ever...she slept until 6:30 Christmas morning!  Wow, amazing how you feel like a new person when you get to sleep.

It was also the first time in the past 6 weeks that we hadn't been up with any kids in the night!

Merry Christmas to us!

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