Friday, December 9, 2011

Minty Fresh

Things have been tons better this week for our house. 

Elijah has been adjusting to life on his hands and knees or in his wheelchair.

He has been in tears the past few days confessing to me that he just wants to walk again and his hands and knees hurt from crawling around.  

He has been in good spirits and we have been blessed by friends visiting and bringing him a few things to occupy his time with. Thank you!!!!

Olivia has had spurts of sleeping for a significant amount of time through the night and I have snuck a nap in here and there. 

She has also been more alert during the day, smiling and cooing which always melts my heart.

(In fact a few days ago she was being super cute cooing and having a "conversation" with me. I was discussing the importance of having another lady in our house so I could have a partner in crime and she belched, farted, then smiled....perhaps we need to have a few more lessons on this)

I have not suffered any emotional breakdowns this week!

(Insert Richard dancing)

Jonah has been able to get in some playdates after school giving him 
something special to look forward to. 

Isaac has had moments of obedience and seems to be able to play more when he is home rather than simply being destructive. 

However, I still have to be aware of him and his whereabouts constantly

If the invent a GPS chip to place on your child's clothes so you know where they are I might be the first to purchase it!  I wouldn't mind having a watch that beeps and shows me his exact location in our house like inspector gadget or batman. 

If so, I wouldn't have a minty fresh bathroom...

This is what he did in a matter of seconds...I had gotten Olivia to sleep and was laying her down.

He waited until I was in the process of putting her in her swing and strapping her in...
Then he snuck into the bathroom and made some toothpaste art on the floor and counter.

I had to take a picture first, he had his head down while I was cleaning it up and we talked about how he couldn't do this. He told me he was sorry and I tried very hard not to laugh at his cuteness.

After I cleaned it up, I was shouted up a little hallelujah that it wasn't soap or shampoo.

I was also thankful for the new minty fresh smell in there. 

Oh never a dull moment at our house!

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Cindy and company said...

Great idea about the bracelet. I actually had that same idea about 7 years ago after Michael had made his way up the hill to school following Hattie (in I.C.) I was going to call it the trace-let. It would also protect your child from abduction with a panic button that would call 911. A few months later I actually saw a similar item advertised in Reader's Digest. It had a dumb name and cost over $500! There goes my million dollar idea!

Glad you are having a better week! We received your Christmas card/birth announcement. What a great picture of your princess---LOVEIT!