Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Mountain Lady

Dear Mountain Lady,
    I do not know who you are, but wanted to let you know I received your card yesterday and I have been trying to rack my brain to uncover your secret identity and simply can't figure out who you are!  Your words of encouragement and sweet Starbuck's gift moved me to tears.  I realized after last week that I had been guilty of trying to carry "my load" all by myself (as I am frequently guilty of...control issues) and needed to give it to the Lord.

    I have a hard time asking for help.  Announcing on my blog that I was struggling was harder than I thought it would be, but felt as though a load had been lifted off my shoulders.  I also want to continue being real and although I would love to think our lives could be easy and perfect, I know that isn't true and God has blessed us with people in our lives to support us when we are struggling.

    I have been overwhelmed by friends and family (near and far) reaching out through encouragement, simply stopping by for a moment to say hello, dropping off a coffee or a meal, helping with pick up/drop off for my kiddos or even just having them over for a play date.

    This past week I tried to rely on the strength of the Lord and realized how much better my days would go. I also realized I need to focus more on being thankful for the moment and what I was able to get done and less worried about all the things that I didn't do.  I also discovered that mothering alone is simply not as much fun as sharing the adventures with others!

    So, while I know your simple act of kindness was simply meant to help encourage me (and you did not desire to receive credit) I wanted to say THANK YOU.  While I wish we could meet for coffee, a hug, and delight in the Lord together, please know I will cherish this gift and use it to refresh my soul even if it is alone.

    I pray the Lord blesses you and this post finds you well!

          Love Your Encouraged Friend

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