Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I will take R-S-V for $200

Today Miss Olivia is 2 months old!!!

I brought her in this morning as she has been struggling with a cold since Christmas Eve and it had progressively gotten worse. Last night she made me nervous enough to warrant a trip to the Dr who looked at her and sent us to be admitted.

So instead of getting ready for our trip to Minneapolis to celebrate a good friend's wedding...

We are celebrating it in the hospital with RSV.

Wishing this were Wheel of Fortune and I was buying those letters and not a virus for my little lady. 

She was pale, lethargic and struggling when we were first admitted...

Thankfully she perked up pretty quickly after IV fluids and some nebulizer treatments.

I am so THANKFUL that we are here and she is getting the treatment she needs.

It has sure been hard to be on the other side of a momma and not a nurse.

I am also very thankful for my mom for taking the boys for the afternoon so Richard could spend time up here and get ready for the wedding.

I am also thankful for my sister sitting with Olivia so I could sneak home and eat supper, see the boys and pack a bag quickly.  

I am also thankful for a visit from a few friends and some ice cream and coffee ;0)

Please pray for a speedy recovery and for patience while we wait this out.

RSV is a virus and there is unfortunately no magical medicine we can give her, just treat the symptoms (IV fluids, oxygen if needed, and nebulizers).

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