Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty Purple Princess

Miss Olivia today you were awake almost all day and were quite the social butterfly
cooing and smiling and hanging out with Mom. 

You are almost 2 months old and this was one of the first times
we have had a mother/daughter day sans any boys

You are fairly tolerable of my efforts to dress you up in fun outfits with matching accessories...

Today you were a Pretty Purple Princess

Perhaps, the most adorable princess ever!

 Today was one of the first times we have had most of the day together and it sure was fun!

You were awake almost all day and spent most of it cooing, smiling and melting my heart.

I had big plans to wrap presents, clean the house, and get a few things checked off my list...

However, you had bigger plans that involved just hanging out with me this afternoon "talking" and taking time to just enjoy this moment before it passed us by.

So thanks for helping me relax and enjoy today instead of worrying about tomorrow. 

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