Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meet Charlie

Meet the newest member of our family...
Our Christmas Tree "Charlie"

We went to Menards last weekend and picked it out.

I voted for one with a little more to it, but I was outnumbered by these cuties...

So we brought Charlie home and hoped he would open up a bit more after warming up, but I am afraid this tree looks just as pathetic after a good night in our house as it did before. 

Richard and Elijah decorated the tree with lights...

And it was Elijah's turn to put the star on top...

Then we all helped put on the ornaments.

A couple years ago I separated all our ornaments so it would be easier to decorate the tree. 

I have one box of breakable/special ones that we probably won't be able to put up until everyone is a bit older...or gone.

Another box of some that are keepsakes and I may never let leave the box, and a third box of kid friendly and favorites that get placed up high. 

The big boys did a great job this year and were very excited to pull out their ornaments

Isaac was indifferent about the process and was more excited about the popcorn Richard made for us to enjoy while we decorated than the actual process of putting on the ornaments I think

Richard and Olivia watched safely from the side...

With Ornaments and lights I think Charlie looks much better than he did when he came to our house. 

It sure is a cozy and festive addition to the house and comforting when Olivia and I are up in the night.

Unfortunately Charlie won't get to experience the excitement of having gifts placed under him for very long.  I don't trust any of the boys with them and will probably place them under the tree only a few moments before we open them!

Charlie is starting to grow on me and I am going to have a hard time taking him down after Christmas is over.  Good thing we are notorious for leaving our tree up into January and (gasp) Februrary even!

We lived in Iowa City and had purchased a very large tree to sit in front of a second story window with vaulted ceilings.  It was real and we took it down Valentine's Day.

That year we had to just shake the tree, let all the needles fall off, shovel them into garbage bags and throw the bare tree out the window of our town house.

If I remember correctly, that was the same GIANT tree that didn't fit in our tree stand, only we didn't know it until we had gotten home and Richard had already cut the bottom off. 

Jonah was almost 2, Elijah was 4 months old and we had fortunately strapped him into his bouncy chair before attempting to get it up. Because Richard had to drive to Menards and get a new tree stand while I stood in the living room holding the 8 foot tree up.

While he was gone, Elijah started screaming and Jonah fell into 
the bucket of water we had out to dump in the tree stand.

Good memories. 

Well, I guess if we leave Charlie up until Valentine's Day
 it won't take long to clean up because he is so small! 

And it is a short walk from where he is standing to the front door :0)

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Cindy and company said...

Praise God Charlie is a tree. I though you had completely lost it and brought home a dog!

Charlie looks great! Merry Christmas!!!