Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade and Preschool Open House

Yesterday was Jonah's first day of 1st grade!!!

He was so excited to get back to school it was adorable. 

The night before we headed over to Viking and met his teacher, 
Mrs. Huus (who has 3 boys of her own).

She is full of energy and smiles and I am excited for Jonah to be in her class this year. 

He was able to put his school supplies away and check out who else was in his class. 

He has quite a few of the same kiddos from his class last year,
including one of his good buddies Carter A.

Here we are checking out his class.

Jonah was up at 6:20 the first day of school and was trying to drag me out of bed for fear he was going to be late! Reassuring him that he had almost 2 hours before school even started didn't seem to matter.

All morning he was frantic to get to school. 

Fortunately all my boys cooperated for one quick photo session before everyone headed off.

Can I really have a first grader?????

Richard took Isaac to daycare since Elijah had his preschool open house after we dropped Jonah off.  
Despite being toddler free, I could hardly keep up with Jonah has he raced into school!

I almost didn't get this picture due to his high anxiety level about waiting an extra 20 seconds to take it before entering the building!

Ready to start the day!
(The adorable little girl next to him is the daughter of a classmate of mine from high school who was also in Jonah's class last year!)

I have to admit it was a lot easier dropping him off this year knowing how much he loves school and that he will be just fine without me. 

I was smiling as we walked out when I overheard another dad explain to his daughter that her tummy ache was from butterflies and as he wiped away her tears she headed to her seat with a quivering lip.

Whew! I know my pregnant emotional self could not have handled that kind of goodbye!

I am a little afraid that I will be experiencing that with this little man next year...

We headed to Caribou for a mommy and me date to help with the jealousy of his big brother starting school again and the reality of Elijah being home without his best buddy every day!

Our date lasted a good ten minutes before Elijah dropped his hot chocolate all over himself and the floor.

Good thing we live close to Caribou!

We headed home for a quick change of clothes and then over to his preschool, which happens to be a few blocks west and south of Jonah's school.

Elijah was also so excited to check out his school 
that I could hardly get him to stand still for this picture...

He was able to meet his teacher, a few of his classmates and play while I filled out paperwork. 

He is in the rainbow room and of the 13 kids in his class only 3 are girls!

Guess it was the year of the boys!

He doesn't start until next week so the anticipation will keep building until he gets to have his first day of school next Monday. 

I will probably cry.

Elijah did pretty well yesterday despite missing Jonah all day because we stayed quite busy. 

Isaac had a few moments where he walked around the house with his hands up repeating Jonah's name.

They were both pretty excited to reunite with their big brother at 3 o'clock!

Jonah had lots of great things to say about first grade and was a little disappointed he didn't get to "play" like they did in kindergarten. 

Overall it was a great day and I pray the excitement for school continues as the months go by!

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Cindy and company said...

Did you or Richard go to Sunflake? Tom did and I bet his mom has a picture just like that! Funny. Glad you had a great start to the school year. And to answer your question...If I can have a freshman, you can have a 1st grader!