Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Years Old...Pirate Style

Arrr Matey's, Capt'n Elijah turned 5 yesterday!

Elijah was King for the day as we celebrated his birthday Pirate style. 

The festivities kicked off with a friend pirate party a little before lunch.

Here are 3 of my favorite pirates ready to party!

Despite being a little hot, we had the party in the porch, which was great!

Our lovely neighbor lent us some skeletons to use.

I found that pirate ship pinata on Amazon.

We had pirate cupcakes, tattoos, pirate eye patches, and gold coins. 

Watch out for this scary crew!

We played a few games, musical island (musical chairs), stick the treasure box on the map (pin the tail on the donkey), and had a treasure hunt at the end. 

The hungry crew ate some pizza for lunch.

Captain Elijah opened his presents.

He was flying high with new lego sets, star wars gear, comic books, a new kite, an edible bug making kit, and a pirate ship you build!

Aunt Nikki stopped by to check out the festivities too!

We let everyone take a whack at the pinata...even the smallest of the crew.

Can't believe this little man is 5!!!!!!!

The party ended with a treasure hunt to discover Elijah's new bike we got him and a box of mardi gras beads and gold coins. 

Needless to say, the pirate party was a hit! 

We rested our weary party feet for a few hours and headed to Space Aliens for more party fun with my grandparents, parents, Aunt Nikki and Laura & Uncle Tom.

Then we headed back to our house to have Star Wars cake (which Captain Elijah wanted for his pirate party but his mother had already bought the pirate cupcake supplies on sale at TJ Maxx this summer so she convinced him to save the Star Wars cake for the evening)

Making a wish...

The cake was thumbs up!  Marble cake with cookies and cream filling. Yummy!
(It was so delicious, the boys and I may have had some for breakfast this morning)

Don't worry, I made them eat a banana first, and we put ice cream on it to add some dairy!

Jonah approved of the delicious cake too!

Isaac missed out on pirate cupcakes as he had discovered a sucker from the pinata, so he was pretty excited to get some cake and ice cream!

My grandparents gave Elijah a wonderful computer bag for school and a leap frog learning game!

Here's the rowdy crew...

We even had a few guest appearances...

Darth Vader...

and Pirate Nikki!

Overall the day was wonderful! The big boys thanked us for the special day and Elijah was having a hard time drifting off to sleep while his lego sets waited to be put together in the living room. He managed to sleep in this morning and we have started on one. 

I can't believe he is already 5!  He starts preschool in a week and is thrilled. I am secretly glad he has another year to mature because I know I am not ready to send him to school all day!

Happy Birthday Pirate Elijah/Darth Vader!

We love you so much and our family is blessed with you in it!

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