Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Have A Mastercard?

One of my favorite things about my boys getting bigger is the conversations we have as they learn and discover new things.  It is so fun to see how their little minds work!

The other night I had all 3 boys with me and we were heading through the drive thru at Caribou before I dropped them off with Richard on my way to work. 

As I was pulling my debit card out to pay, I heard a very excited Jonah from the back proclaim, 
"You have a Mastercard?"

As I chuckled to myself I heard him say to Elijah (who was sitting behind him),
"Elijah, Mom has a Mastercard?"

As I was trying to keep from laughing too loud, I asked them what the big deal was and how did they even know about a Mastercard. 

Jonah then said, "Mom, it is totally cool that you have a Mastercard.  We see it on TV all the time when they show really cool things that you can buy, you always need a Mastercard to get them right now before supplies run out!"

(We have a TV to watch movies on, but we have zero channels and no cable.  They do watch TV at my parents house and at daycare so they are exposed a little).

Then Jonah said, "This is great! You can buy anything with a Mastercard Mom!"

Now I hate bursting their little bubbles, but next we had a little lesson on the reality of a credit card and where the money actually comes from and how you can't just buy anything you want. 

I am sure their little 6 and almost 5 year old minds processed it all...and while I expect to have many more conversations regarding money down the road, it was a good start. 

I shared the story with Richard who enjoyed a laugh with me and proceeded to show the boys that he also has a Mastercard.  

It provoked the same response. 

If only it were that simple.  If you had the card you could buy whatever you wanted. 

I am glad it isn't, but it sure was fun to hear them dreaming about it!

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