Thursday, July 28, 2011

17 month old Hazing

God has blessed our family with BOYS!

Having only sisters, I have learned many things about little boys over the past 6 1/2 years.

I enjoy watching them teach each other things. 

My heart just melts when I hear their conversations from the other room where one is explaining something to another.

However, this has its drawbacks.

Like when these 2 sweet innocent big brothers....
decided to indoctrinate their 17 month old brother into the ways of the garden hose!

The three boys were outside playing with the hose and having a good time. 

Richard and I were watching them from inside while we were getting supper ready. 

One moment I looked outside and saw them spraying each other, laughing, giggling, and making sweet brotherly memories. 

(Insert heart melting)

I was thinking about how great they are, how blessed we have been to have relatively well behaved children, and how nice it is to have Jonah and Elijah old enough to "supervise" Isaac for short periods of time.  It was one of those "kodak moments for sure."

Then I looked back a second later to see something that made this momma bear start fuming from my ears and words not worthy for small ears try to escape my mouth!

Jonah was instructing Isaac on how to put the end of the hose in his mouth, while Elijah was ready to turn the hose on!

Our windows and door were shut so our house can remain comfortably air-conditioned for this pregnant momma bear, otherwise I am sure the three boys would have heard my growl as I ran to stop the hazing that was about to occur. 

I was too slow, (I will blame it on my growing belly and weakened bladder), and poor Isaac was blasted with water, choking and coughing while his wonderful big brothers just stood by and laughed. 

After I sternly explained to them why this hazing was not allowed, and Richard demonstrated what it felt like, I am pretty sure the only water Isaac will get blasted down his throat will be of his own doing. 

While, this isn't wasn't the first hazing that has occurred in our house, nor will it be the last, I am praying God will continue to protect Isaac (and baby #4) as the years go by. 

I guess it will only make them stronger, right?

Plus, it does provide from some fabulous blogging and no dull moments in our house!

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