Friday, August 7, 2009

Trip to Bozeman Part 2

The first couple days we were in Bozeman we (Richard, Laura, the boys and I) relaxed and did a little exploring while Nikki and Tom put in a full work day. It was fun to see more of the adorable town they are living in and we especially enjoyed cruising around downtown checking out some cute shops and purchasing some fun souvenirs.

We were also able to meet up with my best friend from childhood who moved away from Grand Forks when we were in 5th grade. She relocated to Bismarck, ND and just recently moved to Bozeman, MT. We have kept in contact but hadn't seen each other since my wedding. It was a very short visit, but so fun to see her and for her to meet our boys! She has a pretty sweet job at the country club as the events coordinator!

Me and Mandy

After this we headed to the small town nearby where Nikki works and were able to meet her coworkers and see the facility where she practices. That was fun, it is a beautiful place and she is really enjoying her new job.

Another beautiful view outside the apartment

The rest of our free time was filled with swimming in the pool at their apartment and relaxing in the hot tub. Our plans were drastically changed one morning when Jonah locked the bedroom door where all our bags were and shut it shortly after we had gotten up. Luckily my sister's purse was not in the room with my purse and Richard's wallet. Laura and Richard headed to the store and bought some tools to take the door knob apart so we could get in. To add more fun to the day, Jonah stuck his gum up his nose while we were waiting for Richard to open the door! Thankfully it wasn't up too far and I was able to get it out!

That afternoon we were able to go to two museums that we had originally planned on taking in that morning, but couldn't since Jonah locked us out! Nikki was able to join us so for this which was nice since we hadn't seen too much of her. The first museum was The Museum of the Rockies and was lots of fun! Jonah set the pace and raced through the museum. It would have been fun to spend a little more time there because it was very interesting (lots of real dinosaur bones and history from then until now). Nikki had scored free tickets to this museum and the Children's Museum so we didn't feel to bad for speeding through it. The Children's Museum was fun but very small compared to the one in Iowa so we were also thankful we didn't have to pay to get into it.

Walking like the Dinosaur's outside the museum!
Poor Jonah will hopefully not be scarred for life by another adventure he had in Montana! He had accompanied Laura and I to the grocery store and when we returned to the apartment he ran ahead (since he knew the way). He was so far ahead of us I didn't worry about not seeing him until I heard him crying down the sidewalk. He came running up to me and in between big sobs and alligator tears he told me he had gone into the wrong apartment and saw a man laying on the floor without any clothes on! Poor guy! After that incident, he stayed close when when we were going in and out of the apartments.

Our evenings were spent relaxing and spending time together. It was so fun to just be able to visit, laugh, eat, and play together. We are sad they are so far away, and hope we get to see them before too long! More Montana fun to come!

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