Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip to Bozeman Part 1

Ready to go!

Last week we packed our bags, packed our car and set off for a 800 mile trek to visit my sister and her hubby in Bozeman, MT. They recently moved out there and we miss them so much. My sister Laura joined our crazy crew for the trip. We had a blast and made so many memories during the process.

I am embarrassed to say that I forgot my camera at home (insert Gasp), but was saved by my little sis who is our family photography guru. (I will have to confiscate her pictures and add some to my posts later). It was fun to watch the boys' reactions as we traveled from the rolling plains of ND to the beautiful mountain filled landscapes of Montana. Neither of our boys had really seen any mountains before so they were pretty amazed by these beautiful peaks (as were the rest of us).
(View outside my sister's apartment)

My wonderful husband drove the WHOLE way there! We left Grand Forks around 730am and pulled into Bozeman a little before 10pm. We had a minor delay on the way when our beloved van, "Sally", decided to stop working outside of Miles City, MT. After a brief 2 hour delay, we thankfully discovered it was nothing serious and were able to continue on our journey.

The boys were marvelous during the trip entertaining themselves (mostly) with their books, superheroes, and movies, Richard was amazing (driving the whole way without complaining one bit), I slept for a large portion of the trip and read two books to fight off the dreaded motion sickness and Laura was our navigator and made sure we were headed in the right direction.

Nikki and Tom opened their home to our crazy crew and we were very fortunate to stay with them for the entire visit. They were excellent hosts and we hope we didn't wear them out too much!

I will have to finish this up later, and hopefully add some pics to go with it! Stay tuned for more fun from Montana.
We love the mountains!

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