Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off to the mountains

In the morning we are headed on an 800 mile journey to visit my sister and her hubby in Bozeman, MT. We are super excited (not for the LONG drive) but to see their new place, the mountains, and spend some quality time together. My little sister Laura is coming too!

The boys are ecstatic and can't wait to get there and play with Nikki and Tom. They miss them so much and I think it will help for them to see their new home and new city. We are only there for a few days, but they will be jam packed with fun I am sure. I will update when we get back with pictures of course!

Until then, here is a preview of our new view for a few days...
Praying for safe travels, happy toddlers, and smooth sailing!

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Prachar family said...

Echoing those prayers here! Looks so beautiful, they will love the mountains!!