Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday on Tuesday...

Sunday morning Richard and I headed to St Paul, MN to watch Cirque du Soleil that evening. It was a wonderful kidless adventure! The tickets were a birthday present from my wonderful husband. My parents watched the boys for us (THANK YOU) so we were able to make such a quick trip down. We came back on Monday night so it really was a quick trip.

In honor of Not Me Monday, I am going to not me it up (even though it is tuesday today)...

  • We did NOT have a pleasant trip until we encountered just a LITTLE bit of traffic outside of minneapolis causing us to be in stand still traffic, moving only 5 miles in 1 hour!
  • We did NOT then head back west again in order to head north around Minneapolis running into more traffic as we later learned that I-94 was CLOSED due to an accident.
  • I was certainly NOT upset by this at all and did NOT take this out on my poor innocent husband while we were frantically trying to make it to the show on time!
  • I did NOT wonder if this was control therapy sent directly from the Big Cheese himself! I certainly do NOT need that!
  • We did NOT miraculously make it to our show only 15 minutes late and still have a blast! It was NOT one of the best birthday presents I have ever received!
  • We did NOT get to watch a band playing on top of a building in a random MN town that we detoured through. If we did, I did NOT take a picture for my sister because I knew she would NOT appreciate this!

  • We did NOT get to go out for dinner with Clint and Katy and have a splendid time at a great restaurant on Grand Ave in downtown St. Paul. It was NOT an extra special treat!
  • We did NOT get to spend some quality time with this adorable little man and his mom the next morning before getting back on the road again.
  • We did NOT have an extremely relaxing time visiting with Frank and Mary (Richard's aunt and uncle) and two of their adorable grandsons before heading home. We also did NOT have some delicious lunch and rhubarb cake/pie that was amazing!
  • We did NOT stop in Albertville for some outlet shopping and I was NOT pleasantly surprised that Richard accompanied me into ALL the stores and enjoyed himself! I was NOT just a little sad we didn't find anything we were looking for.
  • My amazing husband did NOT drive both ways while I was in and out of sleep!
  • Overall, it was NOT a gloriously wonderful trip that I hope we can take again someday! It was also NOT refreshingly relaxing to make it a kidless trip!


Cindy and company said...

I am a bit jealous of your time with Clint and Katy but it looks like a BLAST! I love Circue!

Steph said...

I'm with Cindy..Jealous of fun times with the Dafoes and Hawthornes!

Prachar family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I FREAK out in traffic like that if I have to be somewhere! I would have been a basket case!!! LOve the not me's, oh how I have missed out! Maybe when school starts I can get back in the groove!