Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tulaby Lake

My grandparents own a lake home on Tulaby Lake in MN. My dad grew up spending his summers there and as did I. Over the years it has been used less and less and most of my dad's other siblings have their own cabins leaving this one vacant often.

Richard and the boys headed down there last week to open it up and get things ready. I joined them for a few days of relaxation and memory making fun. We got down there late Sunday evening and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Monday was a little cooler that we had hoped, but we made the best of it and enjoyed some fishing, a fire inside, and relaxing. Tuesday was gorgeous and we soaked up as much sun as possible before heading back to Grand Forks.

It was nostalgic to be there with the boys. They have been there before, but only a few times and I think just knowing that we will be able to use the cabin more now that we live closer made it a little more real to me. Especially when they snuggled up in the bunk beds that me and my sisters slept in every summer and when Elijah was running around with my old snoopy life jacket on!

We had a wonderful time together and I hope the boys have many more wonderful memories of that place! We were only able to go tubing once and it was so fun! Well, Elijah and I had fun, Jonah was a little nervous the whole time. Hopefully he will go a few more times and feel more comfortable doing it. As long as he doesn't get thrown into the lake by his dad!

Brotherly love
Beautiful view and my three fishermen.
Sweet Jonah.
Jonah demonstrating his new love for fishing and proudly casting himself.
We took the jet skis out for a little ride. Jonah and Richard on one and Elijah and I on the other. We were all soaked after the wild ride, but all smiles.
Couldn't skip out on a campfire!
Elijah the "s'more monster"
Jonah: aka "the chocolate monster"
The master marshmallow roaster.
Being silly...
with marshmallows...
and MOM!
Cozy morning fire.
Morning fishing and wish I knew what they were saying.
Probably going to be in trouble later for this one, but I couldn't resist!
Weird, we had ice cream too!
I think all three of my boys could live down there in a heart beat. I guess I will know where to find them if they run away when they get older!


Richard and Becky said...

I'd love to live down there...but I think Grandpa Bob might ask me to share in the taxes, and tending a lake property pays only in fun and treasured memories. For a good time, come find us at Tulaby.


Prachar family said...

WHat a great time! I ADORE the pictures on the dock, BEAUTIFUL!