Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Elijah!

Today my baby is 3! I can hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday he was born and being the perfect little newborn that he was. Funny that I still remember the labor so well! He was born at 6:47am at a whopping 7lbs 6oz. He was 2 weeks early and a lot smaller than his big brother (8lbs 14oz). He was such a sweet baby and we were pleasantly surprised to have a "normal newborn" experience. We instantly fell in love with him and it hasn't changed.

One of our first pictures of the birthday boy!

Inspecting his cuteness!

How the years have flown by! I wish they would slow down so I could enjoy each moment just a little longer. I love the independence he is developing yet the dependence on me that still exists. It is a beautiful mix. He is still a momma's boy! He loves to snuggle and lets me kiss his sweet cheeks whenever he flies by.
One years old.

2 years old.
Dear Elijah,

Today you are 3! You have been waiting for this big day for a few months now and I can't believe you were able to go to sleep last night. You are turning into a busy, curious, and confident little boy right before our eyes.

You spend most of your days as either Bruce Wayne Batman, Robin the boy wonder, Peter Parker aka Spiderman, or any other superhero that happens to interest you that day. You have an amazing imagination and love playing with your big brother who you adore.

You are very stubborn and strong willed (not sure who you got that from). You love to read books and listen to silly songs. You also love searching for "slug bugs" while we drive around town. You spend most of the day in a superhero costume, with a superhero cape on, or with your blanket as a cape around your neck.

You also have a stuffed dog that you sleep with who you have named "Elsie" who sure gets lots of loving. You are quite attached to your blankie too. You have inherited my sweet tooth and won't pass up a cookie or some ice cream. Your favorite bible story is David and Goliath and you love singing songs at night before bed.
You would preferred to be carried when we go on walks and love watching movies. You have been potty trained for 2 months and are doing so well! You are very proud of this and that you can do it "all by yourself" just like your big brother. You like to walk the fine line between obeying and breaking the rules. You also LOVE being outside and wrestling with your daddy and big brother.

You aren't so sure about being a big brother yourself and have threatened to hurt your new brother or sister for snuggling with mommy and also offered to big a big helper and feed the baby a bottle. You are looking forward to teaching this younger sibling all about superheros and how to "fight" with you and Jonah.

You respond to Elijah, Lou, or 'Lijah lou. You also think your full name is Elijah Rock (after a song your dad loves) not Elijah Richard. This is of course when you do not prefer to be called by your superhero name!

Your dad and I love you so much little buddy! We are so blessed to call you our son and can't wait to see what God has in store for you! We hope that you grow to love the Lord and allow Him to use you in mighty ways. I am learning to let go a little more each day.

Happy Birthday Lou!

Love always,

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Happy Birthday Elijah!

Beautiful letter Becky!