Friday, May 22, 2009

My love is like a red, red rose.

Today I received a gift that melted my heart and warmed my soul.  My husband gave me one of the most precious gifts he has ever given.  A dozen roses and a box of chocolate.  

I know many people find chocolate and flowers lame or generic.  To me it means the world.  In previous posts I have eluded to the fact that my wonderful husband does not like giving fresh cut flowers as gifts.  One because they are expensive, and two because they will die soon.  He is also not a frequent materialistic gift giver.  He prefers to demonstrate his love by serving and sharing his time.  This I love about him.  He is also what I like to call a "frugal realist" who very carefully decides what to spend his money on and this rarely includes frivolous purchases such as flowers.  This I love about him also. 

However, my love language is gifts.  I LOVE giving them and I love receiving them!  Due to the above mentioned facts, I appreciate any gifts from my husband so much more.

So, when I saw a delivery van pull up to my house and a large bouquet of beautiful roses and a bag leave the van I did experience a little bit of jealousy as I assumed they were for a neighbor.  Then the lady walked towards my house and I was in shock. As soon as she left I had tears running down my face as I read the message attached.  

They are beautiful and smell magnificent!  The chocolates are delicious also. Funny how I managed to select the most delicious one on my first pick (dark chocolate with dark chocolate filling).  

I am going to enjoy every second of this beautiful gift.  I am going to be smiling every time I pass by them.  I am going to thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful man who can see right into my soul and loves me unconditionally. 

Love is like a rose.  

So tender and beautiful needing to be cared for so it can grow.

Only then will it blossom and share it's beauty for all to see. 


Cindy and company said...

Way to go Richard!!!! I am sooo proud of you! Beck, enjoy everything that those roses represent. They are beautiful.

Cindy and company said...

Oh, I've been thinking that maybe we should have my husband buy your gifts and your husband buy my gifts. Tom loves to send flowers and I see no point in it since they will die. I love to receive a good 'bargain' gift. Frugality, I'm convinced, is a virtue. Hmmmm.....