Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One man's junk is another man's treasure

It is clean up day this week in Grand Forks.  This means you can leave any extra junk/stuff you don't want on your berm and the city will get rid of it for you.  I have been chuckling at all the scavengers all week who have been driving by slowly searching for something to snatch up.  Mostly because I hadn't seen anything but garbage, but also because I enjoy a good find.  

The pick up day is today for our neighborhood.  Last night on the way home from my sister's soccer game (which they won), I saw this little basketball hoop in someone's junk pile down the street and around the corner from us.  Richard reluctantly grabbed it after much pleading on my part.

 The boys were so excited this morning when they saw it and have been playing basketball all morning.  Elijah has been a little frustrated that he can't get it in the hoop as easily as his big brother, but Jonah has been coaching him.  I guess when they are NBA superstars I can proudly reflect upon these pictures ;0)

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Cindy and company said...

Ahhhh spring clean up! One of the fond memories I have of GF. I would scavenge all week long and I liked the Belmont area the best. One year I sold some of my 'finds' at my garage sale and made $100! Not too shabby. Wish I were there to hunt with you! Love and kisses.