Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

"It's just another Not Me! Monday..." Yahoo! Cheers to MckMama and her brilliant denial of truth blog carnival. I look forward to getting a few things of my chest every monday. Join in the fun and have a few laughs on my behalf while you are at it!
  • I did NOT cut 10 inches off my hair last week and donate it to locks of love! I did NOT blog about it either! I do NOT totally LOVE my new hair and have contemplated leaving it this short for awhile!

  • I did NOT have a nostalgic weekend and feel my mother hen instincts at full force while I watched my little sister graduate with her Masters, and many of my baby sister's farewells to high school (band concert, choir concert, soccer games, etc). I was NOT emotional at all and did NOT cry at any of these functions!
  • I did NOT send my kids out to check the weather before we got dressed this morning only to discover the following scene when they did not return...

  • I did NOT allow them to play outside in their pjs for another 30 minutes while I threw a load of laundry in, checked my email, cleaned up the kitchen, and dug out some shorts for them.
  • I did NOT find the following mess in my kitchen while the boys were supposed to be "getting dressed"...can you guess how this happened?
  • ...this did NOT scar my 4 year old who was being hit in the back by my 2 year old with a diaper full from the night before when it exploded all over. He is not still frightened from a flying poop episode previously mentioned in a Not Me! Monday post.
  • I did NOT mutter a few inappropriate words under my breath, spend 30 minutes cleaning up the above mess, and thank God there wasn't poop in that diaper!
  • I did NOT hear Jonah sternly tell Elijah "Watch where you are! I could have stepped on you" yesterday when Elijah was laying on the floor in front of the front door. I did NOT love this because I do NOT frequently have to tell Jonah "watch where you are going" when we are in public as he runs into people, things, and walls.
  • I did NOT vacuum sand out of Elijah's bunk bed (from frequent trips to the park over the past few days) last night rather than changing his sheets. Nope! What kind of mother would do such a thing!
  • I did NOT become teary eyed yesterday when my boys picked a LARGE hand full of dandelions for me outside at my sister's graduation party. This was NOT extra special because I LOVE flowers. Due to my husband's inability to see the purpose of purchasing cut flowers for me "because they will just die" soon after, I REALLY appreciate any flowers (even dandelions).
  • I did NOT sneakily throw them in the garbage when I got home last night feeling proud I was able to do this unnoticed.
  • I did NOT get caught today when Jonah asked me where the flowers where that they picked "expspecially" for me! After stomping and tears, I was not redeemed when I sent them out to pick the few dandelions in our yard! Whew! I did NOT snap this adorable picture to remember this sweet moment.

(I would never admit that 90% of this post happened today and motivated me to participate in this denial of truth, that I was otherwise going to skip because I was feeling lazy!)


Blessedw5mom said...

I love that someone elses kids play outside in their pjs sometimes! Happy Monday!


Cindy and company said...

Good post Beccky. Help me to remember to LOVE MY JOB! What could be better than dandelions (the number 1 flower of Mother's Day BTW) and playing in pjs? We frequently go on pajama walks here. The kids love it!