Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It has been awhile since I have participated in this crazy denial of truth that feel so good! This has mostly been because dear MckMama's sweet son Stellan's stubborn SVT stayed sans stopping! However, hop on over to her blog to join in Praising the Lord for his discharged from the hospital after a month and 1/2!  This past week was quite crazy and I couldn't help sharing it with you all...

  • This will NOT be a long post (sorry Richard) but I have lots of ground to cover!
  • I did NOT start the week off by making not one, but two desserts for bible study because the first one fell apart after coming out of the oven. Nope, because that would be silly. I did NOT blog about it either. 
  • I did NOT have a pleasantly surprising play date with a MOPS friend who happened to come home as they boys and I walked by her house. She did NOT then invite us to stay for a playdate and make us lunch! Thanks Amber! We did NOT play outside the entire time and enjoy the unusually beautiful day!
  • I did NOT have a great time watching my little sister Laura win her first soccer game of the season! Go RIDERS!
  • I did NOT have a great time walking with my sister Nikki and the boys on campus here for Earth day. I also was NOT super excited to win a free cooking class after the walk! (I never win anything and never mind that there were only about 12 of us who participated!)

  • I did NOT put the boys down early for naps last week so I could get supper made, cleaning and laundry done, and after all this enjoy the beautiful day with a book until they woke up!
  • I did NOT get to go on a wonderful double date with my hubby, sister Nikki and her hubby Tom to a movie on campus thursday night. It was a sweet treat for a week night! I did NOT almost ruin the night after a heated discussion with Richard. He did NOT leave me a sweet note the next morning letting me know he had a great time despite our "discussion".
  • I did NOT put the boys to bed Friday night and after 45 minutes, when I thought they were asleep, find this in the bathroom...Elijah "pooping" aka stalling and using a whole roll of toilet paper while he was at it. 

  • I did NOT enjoy taking the boys to the circus for the first time! It was NOT so much fun watching their faces light up and get so excited as they took it all in. Although it really wasn't as much fun as I remembered it being as a kid, it still was a blast watching them. My parents joined us and did NOT spoil the boys with cotton candy and popcorn. 

  • Jonah did NOT gag (remember he has a sensitive gag reflex) and almost throw up as we were waiting for their turn on the pony rides when a few of the ponies dropped a few "piles" right in front of him. I did NOT get a picture of him plugging his nose for the rest of the time either, because that would be cruel...right?

The grand finale...drum roll please...the following did NOT happen to me earlier this week after I had a few rough days with the boys ending in lots of tears, yelling, time outs, spankings, and prayers to Jesus to change all our hearts:  Elijah is working on potty training and since he pooped early on wed I threw some underwear on him hoping to have a little "training" session. While I was in the shower, soaped up and trying to hurry, he ran in and told me he "peed in momma's bed" and wasn't done.  This did NOT make me want to utter a few words I can't repeat in front of the boys. I told him to pull his undies down and pee some more in the potty. I recruited Jonah to investigate and he informed me Elijah thankfully just peed on the floor and Jonah wiped it up. While Jonah was doing the detective/clean up work, I heard Elijah say he needed to poop. I poked my head out of the shower, and sure enough I could see some poop stuck to his little bum so I jumped out soaking wet and soapy, stripped off his undies and plopped him on the potty.                                                                

 (This is the NOT me part of the story) As I grabbed the undies and threw them in the sink, Jonah ran back in to see what was going on. I had not noticed a large terd in the underwear until I had already thrown them towards the sink. Only by God's grace did the terd miss Jonah's head by mere inches and land directly in the sink. He was mortified of course and ran out of the bathroom crying and gagging.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  I finished my shower, bathed the boys, and laughed about it the rest of the day!  Jonah now has a fear of flying poop which he will hopefully NOT need counseling to overcome!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope the laughs at the end were worth it!!!!


Prachar family said...

As if jumping out of the shower naked (I assume),wet and soapy (and I can imagine COLD) were not "not me" enough, you have to fling a terd! PRICELESS! My sides ache!

I hate it when I ruin an evening with a "discussion" too!

sweetander said...

Thanks for sharing the laughs;) I soooo don't look forward to potty training with Austin - he still refuses to even sit on the toilet!