Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessed Neighborhood

We have felt blessed in so many ways in our new home and new city.  We felt God's hand in our home purchasing process almost a year ago now!  Through an unexpected turn of events, that can not be explained any other way we are living here because God led us here.  From Richard's job, to the house, to this neighborhood. We realized when we were house hunting that you pay for your neighborhood.  Location was just as important to us as the condition of the home or the layout.  We are only less than 5 minutes from my parents, within blocks from two great parks, and our church.  The previous owners told us before we moved in how great the neighborhood was, but we were skeptical.  Not because we knew any different, but because we hadn't yet experienced this kind of community on the street our home was on.  In Iowa City we had gotten to know a few neighbors at each location, but only had a few great friendships blossom from those experiences. 

Last fall when we moved in we were able to meet a few of the neighbors and felt so welcomed and blessed by their friendly faces, invitations to get together, friendship bread, and small talk in the yard.  We have been overwhelmed by how quickly we have formed great friendships with many of the families on our street.  The kids play so well together too!

Last weekend we had an impromptu backyard neighborhood party.  Richard invited a few of the families close by to a barbecue at our place.  I was supposed to work all night, but was able to have vacation for the first 4 hours of my shift allowing me to join in the fun!  Everyone brought something to share and we grilled, laughed, and talked.  The kids had a blast and the adults were able to enjoy some great conversation as a result of the kids entertaining each other. 

We can hardly wait for summer to roll in so we can do this more often.  One of the hardest parts about our transition up here has been having to make new friends and leaving our wonderful friends behind.  We are relieved to know that our great friends in Iowa haven't forgotten us and those friendships are only becoming stronger through distance!  We are thankful that God has brought so many different people into our lives in the past 9 months we have been here.  Through our great neighbors, coworkers, fellow MOPS moms for me, and some wonderful new friends through church we are starting to feel apart of a community.  We are having people over for dinner which we LOVE and did quite often in Iowa, but haven't very much since we moved back.  We are able to spend some great quality time with my family and love watching the boys growing closer to their great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, and uncle.  

The Lord is good and we are truly blessed. 


Papa said...

Yea!!! So glad you are adjusting and settling in. I know the neighborhood you are in and it is wonderful. Have you had a chance to meet the family at 522 28th Ave? Don't miss out on that one!

Papa said...

Beck, Didn't realize I was logged in under my Dad's account--haha. Cindy

Richard and Becky said...

That was funny Cindy! I was a little confused at first until I read your updated post below!