Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Dad #2?

Yesterday as we were leaving MOPS (mothers of preschoolers), Elijah and I had the following conversation:

Elijah: "Mom, is dad #2?"

Me: "Elijah, what are you talking about?" (I was driving so I couldn't see what he was doing)

Elijah: "Mom, I want to call dad and tell him I love he #2?"

Me: *At this point I looked back to see he had his buzz lightyear phone and his finger on the #2. In my cell phone speed dial, Richard is #2* "Yes, Elijah. Daddy is #2 on my phone."

Elijah: "Ok. I will call him. Thanks mom. "
             " Hello Dad, I love you. How your day? My day good. Ok. Goodbye. See you soon."

My heart melted. I love that little man. He is also very selective about showing affection towards Richard because he gets a reaction out of him when he doesn't.  Hence, the reason I feel the need to document this conversation. 

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Prachar family said...

How sweet! Funny that he knew dad was #2!